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I think its time I started working on the requests since I have not done any since maybe . . . November? So, today’s featured artist is Daudi Kabaka whose music I have had requests for several times.

Daudi Kabaka - Pole Musa Daudi Kabaka – Pole musa (click on the image of a musical note to get the track).

Daudi Kabaka - Harambee Harambee Daudi Kabaka – Harambee Harambee (click on the image of a musical note to get the track).

Daudi Kabaka - Musa Musanbsp; 
Daudi Kabaka - Musa Musa

And for a change from the normal frantic pace of the tracks that I seem to have been posting of late, here is a ballad from Franco himself.

Franco & TP OK Jazz Franco Luambo Makiadi & TP OK Jazz – Layile (click on the image of a musical note to get the track).

Franco Luambo Makiadi & TP OK Jazz - Layile


Thanks for the comment Mato, the Franco link is now fixed and points to the correct track.

[end edit]

Now that we have that out of the way, back to frantic pace. Here is Lokassa Ya Mbongo, whose music I have posted before with Monica.

Lokassa Ya Mbongo - MonicaLokassa Ya Mbongo – Monica (click on the image of a musical note to get the track).

Lokassa Ya Mbongo - Monica

Click here for all the other pre-1990 East African music I have posted in the past.

. . . and remember the rules people as well as the fact that all the older tracks disappear in about two weeks like I mentioned last week so get them while you can.

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5 Responses

  1. Mato says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks again for more great music. Just to let you know, the Franco link opens Daudi Kabaka’s Pole Musa. Must be a mistake.

    If you’re taking requests, how about Mr. Sura Mbaya himself, the great Remmy Ongala?



    I will be posting a couple of Remy tracks soon (when I get my request list ready) but in the meantime, try this link for Remy Ongala tracks that I have posted in the past.

    – Steve

  2. Mato says:

    Thanks. I have Remmy’s albums Mambo and Sema on CD, but not Songs for the Poor Man, which is his best in my opinion. Just a crappy tape recording of it. Kifo is probably his best song. I’m interested in any of his earlier recordings with Orchestra Super Matimila before he was “discovered” by Peter Gabriel and Real World. He’s got to have some old school stuff out there somewhere?

    I will be sure to post something from Songs for the Poor Man for you, I thought that the track that linked to above from the album Mambo was pre-Peter Gabriel . . . am I wrong?

    On a completely unrelated topic, what do you think of Verizon’s FiOS service?
    – Steve

  3. Mato says:

    FiOS is great. But we’re moving in 2 weeks and it’s unavailable in the new location :( So it’s back to DSL. I will never ever not in a million years, never return to Cox cable. Cox is the absolute worst company in the world.

  4. JKE says:

    Daudi & FrancoLM in one post! Haiaaaaaa!

    Nice. Thx for promoting these two fine artists. You know in Embu, they are playing Daudi Kabakas “African twist” every (EVERY!!) evening. Before they start with that 1manguitarshow…

    JKE, thanks for continuing to represent Embu.

    BTW, why don’t you bring a tape recorder with you and capture some one man guitar to post for us?

    – Steve

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