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Time flies.

I do not mean that in a figurative sense.

I remember being back in college like it was yesterday. Life was a breeze. I lived from day to day, weekend to weekend, pretending that I was earning a degree in playing pool. I have very few worries. Upcoming CATS, where the next party was at. Stuff like that.

Today, a different set of worries that sets my issues back then in context. Sick kids. Not serious sick but still sick.

So, I shall be brief and get back to my worries.

Hopefully, in a couple of days, I can respond to some of the great comments made over the last 3 weeks and maybe get some conversations going. Maybe catch up with posting at some of the places where I should be posting and even get a jump on big plans for this site.

One thing at a time though.

First, the music.

I have searched all the discographies that I can find but I cannot for the life of me confirm that this track is indeed from Les Wanyika and Prof. Omari.

Can anyone help?

Here is the track Taama Mbaya by Les Wanyika & Prof. Omari methinks.


ntwiga.net Prof Omari and Les Wanyika – Tamaa Mbaya

Next, Samba Mapangala with a track that anyone who went to any school in Kenya will know and love from the 1991 album Feet on fire on the Stern’s catalog.

Samba Mapangala  Samba Mapangala

ntwiga.net Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga – Vidonge

Finally, a track that I cannot say much about since I am not particularly enamored of it. Although I do not find the music of “Them Mushrooms” to be in the same league as say Franco or even Les Wanyika (whom are the yardstick as far as I am concerned), their brand of “hotel ballroom” music has its fans and it would be a crime to refuse to have their stuff up here since my issues with it are mainly a matter of taste.

So, here is a track based off a traditional Luyha folk song – Mwana wa Mberi

Them Mushrooms

ntwiga.net Mushrooms – Mwana wa Mberi


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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Msangi says:

    I can not help you to confirm who did the song “tamaa mbaya” but I will confirm one thing;I enjoyed the song.One thing I like about the music you put here brings lots of flashbacks of life,every bit of it.Good job Steve.

    Thanks for the kind comments Jeff.

    BTW, it seems that you deliberately decided to ignore the fact that I tagged you . . .

    – Steve

  2. Doug says:

    The Les Wanyika song is Tamaa Mbaya and it’s on the Amigo CD that you have pictured. The song is by John Ngereza. Professor Omari is one of the rhythm players on the recording but there is no detail as to whether he played on this song (it sure sounds like it).

    Well, you seem to be right once again. Muzikifan agrees that Omari was with the group of the time but there is no specific mention of his being on the recording.

    – Steve

  3. […] For starters, it the Nursery Boys better known as Abana Ba Nasery in a piece of music known by every single Kenyan that I have had up here before. […]

  4. Muteie says:

    Rekindling the memories of the yester years, please get Ndoa ya Mateso by Marijan Rajab, appreciated.

  5. Kahenedlono says:

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    Thank you

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