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Tonight was meant to be a bit of a night with a difference as I planned to have a “solo” post for the first time ever. I had bunch of tracks from Moro Jazz who were to be the only group on today’s post. Then I run across Marijani Rajab & Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band and that was the end of that plan.

All in all, good times are to be had tonight, Enjoy yourselves.

Marijani Rajab & Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band

Jamhuri Jazz  

ntwiga.net Marijani Rajab & Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band – Mpenzi Aisha

Jamhuri Jazz

Jamhuri Jazz    

ntwiga.net Jamhuri Jazz – Shingo la Upanga

I once again have (shamelessly) stolen art for this from Doug Paterson – thank you.

There is a bit of a write up on Mbaraka Mwishehe & Moro Jazz Band at Muzikifan if you are looking for a bit of background on the group and their music.

Mbaraka Mwishehe & Moro Jazz Band  Mbaraka Mwishehe & Moro Jazz Band

ntwiga.net 10 Mbaraka Mwishehe & Moro Jazz Band – Miziki Ya Mji Wa Morogoro

Baba Gaston – Orchestra Baba National

Orchestra Baba National  Baba Gaston

Not sure about this particular track but I think that the name of it is TPP Engelbert.

ntwiga.net Baba Gaston – T.PP Engelbert

Track of the day

My love of house rears its head again.

This week, it is Taxi’s People coming running off their 2001 album Blue Zero One. I first heard this track back in 2003 on the Sounds, form and colors mix at one of the oldest depots of house on the web that used to live at at egnatia.ee.auth.gr/. Sadly, this site like many other great deep house sites like 20 Thousand Leagues and truly-madly is now defunct.

ntwiga.net Taxi – People come runnin [ needs remix ]

[edit] … just got some great news, it seems that truly-madly might be coming back some time soon … [/edit]

Finally, , if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something, please read this post.

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11 Responses

  1. gomad361 says:

    Thanks for posting these splendid tracks – unfortunately the Morogoro Jazz track is a wma file and has some sort of copy protection preventing conversion to mp3. Any possibility of posting an mp3 instead?
    I have bought every Morogoro Jazz cd that I have found at non collector prices (Ukumbosho 6, 7 & Soloist National 1968-1972). I wish Tamasha would reissue the rest and make more of this superb music available.

    The track is now mp3.

    Sorry about that.

    – Steve

  2. djmitch says:

    yes it’s thrue, truly-madly is back !!!

  3. Gishungwa says:

    Great music for a cold and rainy monday morning in Nairobi. Thank you.

  4. kabuga says:

    Thanks Steve. Good music.

  5. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the great music.I specifically loved the miziki ya morogoro track.That is my school town!

  6. Magaidi says:

    Good to see you back Steve. Mzuri music, as always keep it coming man.

  7. gilly says:

    Thanks for good posting.

  8. Babalisa says:

    Nice job and please do more and more
    You keep our history
    Please do more guys

  9. John Mwanje K says:

    Great stuff. This music takes me long way back in time. Kuna nyimbo moja inayitwa “uwivu hasala”, artist unknown. And many more. Also Mbaraka Mwinshehe’s “expo 70 prt 1″.

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  11. Koronya Mwambia says:

    Are you familiar with King Kikii’s Salamule ? Its the most addictive earworming Kiswahili song ever recorded. No hyperbole.

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