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Just got my hands on a Les Wanyika track that I had never heard before and had to share.

Thanks Joe.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Les Wanyika – Ni Lipi La Ajabu

And an old favorite – Shiko Mawatu shows how its done by playing Rosa on the guitar – thanks Scott Shuster

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  1. Omondi says:

    Hello Steve,
    First of all, I’m grateful for all the East African music that you give to us. But, I think it’s a problem with the 1983 “Nilipi Na Ajabu” track because it’s stop after 1’27 then it’s a more or less 9′ song.
    Then, do you know some thing about Daudi Kabaka?
    I only know one track which is a duet with F.William where they are singing the big hit “Malaika”. I know this special duet by my old step-brother in Kenya. He also have other Kabaka’s songs on audiotapes but the quality is too bad.

    I am having serious issues with my hosting, it is not reliable and file uploads keep being truncated.

    I have re-sent the file, it should play all the way to the end now.

    – Steve

  2. Omondi says:

    It’s now perfect Steve. Thanks.

  3. Abdullah says:


    Thanks so much for all the tracks. I have got alot of East African songs, how can I contact you and send you some you might not have?!!

  4. Daniel says:


    Here’s one of Daudi Kabaka’s biggest hits:


  5. saminator says:

    abdullah, among the tracks you have do you have a congolese song called SULIYA? what about PESA KUJA by sammy kasule and NISAIDIE by les wanyika? thanx.

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