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I know that this has been the buzz of the Internets for a while but I just found about Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit’s free download of his new album “Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit are The Very Best”.

His sound defies description but I like – best way in which I can describe it afro-vocal house meets electronica meets kwaito meets spoken word (yes, its quite a mouthful).

Me likes.

You can read about him on The Fader ( you can find a great primer here and his MySpace page here ) or at a ton of other places including this review at pitchfork.

Esau Mwamwaya & RadioClit - Are the very best (download)

Pick up the free download at this link or by clicking through on the image.

There is an alternate download location at this link on GreenOwl.

via forota.net / Africa: VISUAL_MEDIA.

Kamau’s blog also has a great story about an art installation done in Kibera. Kamau’s blog is a must read.

In other news, BongoCelebrity has a big story ( in Swahili ) on the disbandment(??) of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra that you can find here. Jeff, can we get a translation please? If this indeed has happened, it is terrible news.

Finally, if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something on the site, please read this.

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  1. kabuga says:

    There is this song by DDC that starts – bubu ataka kusemaeee mambo mambo yanapomzidia……yamenizidi mwenzenu leo nasimama mbele yenu kauli yangu kwenu kuitoa….

    Then there is another by a different TZ group (i guess) that goes …..ati kwa sababu ye ni mtoto wa mjomba ndivyo ilivyokuwa vigumu kwetu kufunga ndoa… then chorus – Wazazi mi nasema nasema nasononeka kwa vile si jana si jana nilimpenda, lakini mwanangu nakukanya…….

    Who would favour us with this honey tuburudike?????!

  2. gilly says:

    @ Joe

    Thank you for Safari ya Samburu

    @Kabuga, all,

    Bubu Ataka Kusema is here:-


    Remember Jacky written and sung in distinctive, high voice by the late Nico Zengekala (was a blind), Mwana wa Taita Taveta with Les Cubano(an expatriate from KN to TZ) in the 1980s? The track was a big hit:


  3. kabuga says:


    Asante sana ndugu!

    Ombi ulilonitumia baba limenifikia………..ya kwamba nitafute mke…

    Chorus: asante sana…kwa ushauri wako
    nama naahidi baba nitafanya hivyo.

    lakini mwanangu nakukanya mwana uwe maakini sana ooh usijeukajikuta kwenye nyumba iliyojaa fitina.

    nani ana hii? Gilly, okoa jahazi tafadhali!

  4. kabuga says:


    Any chance you have solemba by the late Nico?

  5. kabuga says:


    Nico was so good! It is the first time i am hearing Jackie!

    Bubu seems not to be the original but it is fine for now. Thanks

  6. Esororo says:

    Hello people. Here are some oldies some of you can remember.




  7. Samuel (samwiri) says:

    What can I say man!!! Ami brings back such sweet memories. We either used to dance the squeeze on this one or just melow it on your own. Highlight of the term at school when the gilrs visited for the social day.

    Asanta sana bwana.

    Samuel (Samwiri)

  8. Esororo says:

    Can someone please find this tracks by les Mangelepa.

    1.Lolo Mukena

  9. Samuel says:

    Dear All,
    I need some guidance please on how this ntwiga blog works. I can tell that this particular page isn’t very old from the dates indicated. But when I google ntwiga and the get the many results, how can I tell which is the latest? I kept going to the old ones and concluded that the blog was inactive.

    To steve, thanks for sina kisomo by Kenya blue stars. I have found it somewhere trying to study the blog.


    Welcome and

    please read this.

    It will help you make your way around.

    I am “on strike” since real life demands my attention: work and family and bills to pay and all that.

    I hope to be back soon.

    If anyone want to help keep things running, drop me an email. I could use some help.

    – Steve

  10. Mutunga says:

    @Ntwiga family bloggers:

    If you love Daudi Kabaka, get a whole album here.

  11. Lydia says:

    Hi Blog family – Some one had requested this a while ago. There was another request of the same artist but I don’t remember what it was. Hope all is well with all.

    Mbale by Orch. Kiam


  12. Fred says:

    @ Esororo,
    I have not read the post for some time but this is what I have. I am not sure about “Kamwana”, what I have uploaded here is “Kamwala”, maybe a mix up of names.


  13. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga,
    Thank you for Daudi Kabaka album.

    @ Lydia,
    Mbale is as refreshing as usual, Thank you.

    @ Fred,
    Men you did it for me. I have not listened to this tracks for many, many moons. It brings back some good memories. Thank you very much.

    It looks like everyone is on vacation in here. Come on people. I have a challenge for everyone that visit this blog to post a track for the month of April.

    To kick of the month here are a few tracks guys. Enjoy


  14. gilly says:

    Warmth is coming back to our blog. Asante wote,

    Link below is Les Knoirs with Moreno and Djodjo Ikomo in Nairobi, 1970s, singing TCHIKU


    La beauté d’une Femme by Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel was a big poetic hit 2 decades ago: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hjbukq

    @ Mutunga,

    You are our expert, pse translate this track

  15. Lydia says:

    In the spirit of Esororo’s challenge here is Nakoma na PDG by Simaro Lutumba to get us ready for the weekend!


  16. Fred says:

    I had forgoten about this Franco track. Enjoy.

  17. Kingsam says:

    It has been a while, just like someone said somewhere here. wel, it’s good to see we’re all back…….thanks for Kabaka’s music, in return i have a couple of my own collections………

    Doesn’nt Blaise Kounkou sound like Mangwana (my namesake), all along i used to think this was mangwana’s


    I wonder if Franco and TPOK had anything else other than making music. Everytime i take a look i see some new music, like i have never heard before……..

    I just had to post this, My car was “hammered” by the hailstorms recently, after a run around with the Insurance, i finally had to take it to the shop. i took a tax back to work, on the way it had puncture, so i had an explanation for my boss (not my g/f). All the same. Anyways during the down time i collected several hundreds of authentic 50’s thru’ 80’s music. So feel free to ask for more, I hope “conficker” doesn’t hit anytime soon!

  18. Samuel says:

    I am downloading tchiku, starts with a cock isn’t it?

  19. Samuel says:

    @ Gilly,
    The cock is already crowing, thanks Gilly

  20. J says:

    This has been my home for a few months. Special thanks to Steve and Watu wa Kienyeji (all that appreciate the culture) for the nurturing environment. My challenge to everyone is that we should contribute a small fee every month for Steve to maintain this village. Steve please contact me so that I can start my share.

  21. J says:

    By the way all the music posted from 3/3/09 to 4/6/09 does not work. The links are corrupted. Please re-post if you contributed. what is the benefit of geeting the sendspace software?

  22. J says:

    Sorry, those tracks actually work. I had made a mistake on my end.

  23. Esororo says:

    @ Everyone

    Thank you for those who have responded to my challenge and those who will be.

    Here is a few tracks some of you will remember those days at Lunch time or General Services VOK.


    Bert Kaempfert

    @ Mutunga
    I think this will be a trank you can remember. Enjoy and I hope that you and your family are okay.


  24. kabuga says:


    Nostalgie galore!!!! I never thought i would ever have this tune = a swinging safari. What a gift at easter?? Deustche velle really used it in its swahili service. Wow…

    Am downloading the afrikaan hoping it is as valuable. Asante ndugu

  25. Mutunga says:


    Many thanks for the tracks. I actually used to hear “A Swinging Safari” on the English Service of Radio R.S.A. It used to be the signature tune of a music request programme called “Yours and Mine” hosted by an announcer called Koos Radebe, one of the few black announcers on Radio R.S.A in the 1980s. The programme used to start with a tune called “Pilot Of The Airwaves” and then “A Swinging Safari” would be played (I didn’t know its title until today but I used to whistle along). Did anyone else ever listen to Radio R.S.A those days? I believe it’s now called “Channel Africa” but it can’t be as powerful as the powerful propaganda machine that the station used to be in Apartheid days.

  26. Lydia says:

    Wow you really have some gems up your sleeve! I never would have thought I’d hear those tunes again. Asante sana! The tunes really take me back to my youthful past. So many memories associated with them. I’m glad someone thought to collect them.
    In those days we only had a radio and it never occured to some of us that we would one day treasure some of this music that we heard on a daily basis so much. Thanks again for the memories.

    Also thanks to all who have taken up the challenge and made this time so interesting with new music.

  27. Joe says:

    @ Mutunga

    Used to listen to RSA on occasion, but the more interesting listening came from the more loosely affiliated regional stations. Mention Radio RSA and I immediately think of their classic interval signal, which was a bird call accompanied by “Ver in die Wereld Kitty” played on guitar. You can hear this at http://www.intervalsignals.net/, as well as a ton of other classic interval signals/sign-ons from stations around the world.

    BTW, I am reasonably certain, but not absolutely, that the VOA also used “Swinging Safari” to open a program. What and when, I can’t remember.

  28. Fred says:

    I recently sent a friend this album of Bella Bella; I thought some members here might treasure its contents. I checked and the link is still active, so enjoy.

    For those who treasure Bert Kaempfert, I can upload the “Swinging Safari”.

  29. Lydia says:

    It was great listening to the signature tunes… those were the days. There was one – maybe for the Kiswahili news that was sang in Kikamba. It went Langi ndundule… Langi ngwendeaa ulungala… I don’t imagine anyone could possibly have it but…. hey this is the Ntwiga blog ..

  30. Mutunga says:


    I definitely remember that one, but I haven’t got it. Memory fails me but it might have been played inside the weekly programme “Kutoka Nchi Nyingine Za Afrika”, which was usually introduced by Franklin Boukaka’s “Le Boucheron” (The Wood Cutter).

    @ Joe:

    In Kenya all we could get of Radio R.S.A was the external service and I used to listen to it in various languages. I still remember great announcers like Kaleja Kaunda (Swahili Service), June Palmer, Henry Vaughan, Collin Jackson, Collin Houston(English Service), Georges Roullet, Jacques Marlaud, Yvette Douchet, Hughes Bernard, Fleur Marais (French Service). I also tuned into the German service from time to time.
    Radio R.S.A taught me to appreciate South African Township Jazz but it also introduced me to Boeremusiek, Afrikaans folk music with such gems as “Ver In Die Wereld Kitty”, “Sarais Marais”, “Die Ou Kalahari”, “Da Kom Die Alibama” etc.

  31. Lydia says:

    For sure I think you are right. I know I have always associated the 2 songs (Langi and LeBucheron) together in my mind, but I wasn’t quite sure the programme they were associated with. And I do admire your very sharp memory – your recall is so specific!
    Hope you are not too close to the earthquake center – best wishes for recovery to those affected.

  32. Kingsam says:

    Anyone out there with Bana 20 Orch Festival du Zaire Kadioka Pts 1 & 2 that a bro can rip?……..If am not wrong, someone on this blog has it as a putfile somewhere. I remember there were like “Bana” series from one through like 30 or so under that famous label “ASL” 45 series LPs (sahani)……..Otherwise Happy Easter to all!

  33. Fred says:

    Many may remember this: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gw6vi5 It is a 1973 hit. Have a nie Easter.

  34. Lydia says:

    Hi Fred

    Who is the artist for Monthana?

  35. Fred says:

    I am not sure; some think it is L’Orchestre Comet Mambo Tcheza or Agudha Brothers Band.

  36. Mutunga says:

    @ Ntwiga blog family:

    Brothers and sisters, to keep the fire burning, here is that famous tribute to Matatu drivers by Them Mushrooms in their hit entitled Kazi Ni Kazi. For those of you who are not Kenyans, Matatus are public service mini-buses that are omnipresent in Kenya’s urban areas. Notorious for violating the Highway Code in every conceivable way, Matatus are nevertheless indispensable to thousands of city residents. Hats off to the drivers of those vehicles, who will be particularly busy this Easter weekend. Happy Holidays to all fellow bloggers and remember that Tea is the Safest One For The Road! :)

  37. Fred says:

    Humble request: Any one with Bitota by Fuka Fuka, post here. Thanx.

  38. Joe says:


    If you aren’t familiar with the Podacsts posted by WorldService, you might be interested in checking them out (http://wrldsrv.blogspot.com/).
    The latest – “Utalia” – has several great EA tunes from Kinois, Issa Juma, Moja One and others. You might also be interested in the “Club Haleo Show” which has several several live numbers from IOSS. Fans of OK Jazz will find a number of excellent pCasts here…

  39. Esororo says:

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

    Here are two tracks I would like to have title to. If you have an idea drop for me. Thank you.


  40. kabuga says:

    The first one is ewe nikupendaye by Patrick Barisidya with afro 70.

  41. kabuga says:

    I think the second is wacha kuwaza. The artiste is certainly Patrick with Afro 70.

  42. gilly says:

    More Patric Balisidya : Ni Mashaka


  43. gilly says:

    Weekend is setting in. Tufurahi weekend by Patric Balisidya, afro 70 band:

    Vigelegele, Western Jazz Band:


  44. Lydia says:

    Thanks for the music. A friend had asked me for Vigelegele a few weeks ago – glad I could get it here! Balisdya is always good to listen to, the weekend will be good.

    I’m looking for a great taarab track the goes ” Ewe Mola nibariki….” it used to be a standard on Kenyan radio in the 80’s… Have a great weekend all.

  45. Kingsam says:

    wanadada na mandugu zanguni twaweza kufaidika kwa hizi nyimbo bora zilipendwa hapo awali………my fellow brothers i “ran” over this Tanzania link accidentally and it has some cool oldies……….


  46. Daniel says:

    Wow! Esororo, Swinging Safari was truly a walk down memory lane. We had actually owned this album back in Nairobi, must have been around 12 to 15 years old. This is probably still in storage in a container at my mum’s house in Kampala. Now all of a sudden I’m interested in raiding that container during my next visit. Thanks for taking us back!

  47. gilly says:

    A track with line-up of DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra back in the 1980s , ‘Tucheze Sikinde’


  48. Mutunga says:


    You might remember this track called Horoscope by Orchestre Bella Bella. The record was popularly known as “Kidogo tu!” (fast-forward to 04:57 to 05:27) for those of us who rocked to it without caring about or being aware of the official title. And some of the spoken lyrics might have left you speechless (not to say “made you blush”) as the Lingala singer seemed to be saying that word which Kamba men say when they have had one bottle too many. Nay, Soki Vangu wasn’t uttering an obscenity here. I think he was saying the Lingala word for “until” or “up to”, but the lexical item is unprintable in Kikamba or Kikuyu, which made the tune all the more popular in Juke Boxes in Machakos town (1976). Enjoy!

    @Esororo and Dr Nico experts:

    Here’s Aime Zonga. Is Tabu Ley Rochereau the lead vocalist here? I’m puzzled because going by what Stern’s music shop declare, the group is African Fiesta Sukisa and I wonder why Wendo’s self-declared heir would have starred for the opposition :). Or is the lead vocalist that guy who could imitate the King of Soukouss perfectly? Or are Stern’s music shop trying to spice up their retrocd? Please shed some light …

  49. Mutunga says:


    Or perhaps Soki Vangu was saying “qui dansequi non!” Either way, a drunk Kamba dancer at the Juke Box bar wouldn’t have spotted the difference and thanks to this, record sales chalked up an upswing :)

  50. Lydia says:

    Thanks for the music. I think that one passed me by – I don’t remember it but I am enjoying it now! I can see how some tipsy revelers at a kamandiko could mis-hear! It’s a good one though – very danceable.

  51. kabuga says:

    @Clan Ntwiga,

    Anyone with alita djambala by tpok jazz?

  52. Esororo says:

    @ Daniel

    You are welcome, I am happy that so many of you are enjoying Swining safari. If only tells me that the house is full of old timers.
    Makes feel at home. Thank you.

    @ Mutunga,

    The lead vocalist is Bagayogo Lassana. Tabu Ley had already left and formed his own band at this point. While Tabu was with Dr. Nico the band had only African Fiesta. After Tabu left then they added Sukisa which I think was due to Nico was joined by another band which had Lassana, Mizele, Josky Kiambukuta and Chantal. Remember when Franco died TPOK Jazz had Chaude Ambiance sounding like Franco. Most people thought that it was Franco Unrealised tracks. I think that was what Dr. Nico was trying to do to keep the Tabu Leys’ audience with African Fiesta Sukisa. Even Tabu Ley took Afrisa International name to his band. What does Fiesta sukisa mean?

    Here you can have a dance on me.

  53. Mutunga says:


    Thanks so much for the detailed information. I’ve always known you’re a goldmine of information on Congolese music.
    “sukisa” means “to finish”, “to end” or “bring to an end”.
    The room is the noun “suka” (Lingala for “end”).
    I reckon Dr Nico was sending a message to all musical groups, that his band was in top form. The deeper I get into his guitar playing, the more I see his point. I’ll check out the track you’ve uploaded tomorrow morning when I get back on broadband.

  54. Esororo says:


    alita djambala or Alita Tshamala I dont know which is which but that what I have.


  55. Mutunga says:

    @Esororo: (Re: my comment n° 56):

    I’ve just seen that I typed “room” where I meant to write “root”. Anyway I reckon you got the point, that “sukisa” is derived from “suka”.

  56. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga

    Thank you my brother.

    When Rochereau split in 1965 he formed African Fiesta National not Afrisa International. Nico reformed his group as African Fiesta Sukisa, which existed until 1973.
    As you said they ruled in the late sixties, with hit after hit. In 1969, the entire band walked out because they felt they weren’t getting their due. But Dr. Nico was not done yet he assembled another band but his days were number as the drinking got the best of him in 1985. ’God of the Guitar’ joined his maker. The real God. RIP Nico.

  57. Esororo says:

    @ Kabuga,

    I don’t forget your promise. “I will be posting sofie from bimalee on my blog later too. It is another classic.”

    What happened? You have too bro.

  58. J says:

    Esororo are u still on putfile? I can’t open your page. Does anyone know how to download from BongoCelebrity? I have real player and itunes but no success. Please help.

  59. kabuga says:


    Pls check my brog. I put up sofie last week.

  60. kabuga says:


    Asante sana ndugu for alita tshamala.

    Hope you’ve dropped at my brog.

    Any chance on ……mbote mbote…… by Afrisa?

  61. Fred says:

    @J, I think Putfile is off the net, I am not sure but I have tried looking for it this is what I get http://www.ebaumsworld.com
    @ Kabuga, is that the name of the song or some chorus in it? I know of a TL track with such a chorus but can not recall the title. I will post it when I get.

  62. Fred says:

    @ Kabuga,
    Title of the song is “Mbote ya Kimwanga”; unfortunately, sendpace could not upload. After several attempts, I gave up. Maybe I will send it to Steven to post here.

  63. saminator says:

    guyz guyz, this link is truly interesting. some sounds i never thought i would hear again, the great names from the past. i have making this requests in the previous but older blogs to know avail but thanks to lydia i can try again.
    the first request is for a song guyz called SULIYA. it’s one great lingala track from way back around 1980/81 which am sure every member would appreciate and love. unfortunately i got to know it while still a kid by then but if only you gem collection aces like esororo, ocan, mutunga, gilly, kingsam and the ntwiga group could know it and lay theit hands on.
    the second request is more clearcut; NISAIDIE, by prof omar and les wanyika in which the members of the band are mentioned. it was truly an amazing track for me, any of you kind guys could get it?
    shukran, merci, natondi bino nyonso.

  64. Robert says:

    @ Lydia,
    Could you please reload Kiam’s Mbale , file is longer available on the link you gave at 11. above

  65. Robert says:

    Hi All,

    Anybody with Lipua Lipua’s “Nala”?

  66. Lydia says:

    @ Robert
    I sure can. I will reload it on the current thread later today along with some of the others you requested that I think I may have grabbed.

  67. Robert says:

    Thanks in advance looking forward to the Lipua Lipua’s gems.

    @ALL Ntwigans

    Remember the group Osibisa? Any of you has the hit “Warrior” it is/was on the Album Ojah Awake?

  68. Great comment, love the design of the site too.

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