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hey all

It truly has been a while.

Things are still in flux at Casa Ntwiga but I hope be able to start posting with some sort of regularity going forward.

So, quick post to get things going.

Thanks to Freddie, we now have Tabu Ley’s Mbote Mbote. Thanks Fred.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Tabu Ley – Mbote Mbote ( Mbote ya Kimwanga )

And a couple of other Tabu Ley Rochereau tracks from links in the comments that so many of you have left over the last 2 months while I was trying to take care of business.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Tabu Ley Rochereau & Sam Mangwana – Bokila.mp3

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Tabu Ley Rochereau et. Mbilia Bel – La beauté d’une Femme

See you soon.

Finally, if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something on the site, please read this.

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  1. kabuga says:

    Thanks Freddie and Ntwiga for mbote ya kimwanga.

  2. Ian says:

    Many thanks for these. I love Mbote Mbote – the track with Mbilia Bel is empty unfortunately – can you re-post?

    I am not sure what the issue is with the Mbilia Bel track, I think that it may have been due to the fact that there was a French character in the name.

    I have tried to fix it by replacing the ‘é’ with an ‘e’ and it should be fine now.

    – Ntwiga

  3. J says:

    Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi is a god!!! His wire just spoke to me. Yap!! I am crazy and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lydia says:

    Hi Guys – a request please… does anyone have Celina by Franco?

  5. kabuga says:


    Celina will be on my blog shortly.

  6. Mutunga says:

    Ntwiga Clan:
    Here’s a vinyl-ripped recording of Tabu Ley Rochereau‘s Mbote Mbote. It’s definitely a different cut and at least two seconds longer than the CD version posted here.


    One of the voices in the chorus in this version of Mbote Mbote sounds like Sam Mapangala. Did the latter ever sing with Tabu Ley Rochereau as far as you know?

  7. kabuga says:


    Sam Mangwana was with Afrisa 1975-1976. Read more http://www.djembe.dk/sam/_private/sam/home02.htm

  8. Mutunga says:


    You’ve got the two Sams mixed up. The Sam I’m enquiring about is Mapangala of the Malako fame. The voice behind Les Kinois and Orchestre Virunga .
    I’m aware that Mangwana sang with Tabu Ley. Indeed Tabu Ley calls Mangwana “my son” (“Oyo Mwana na ngai”) in “Bokila”, but you’d have to see both performing (on dvd) to understand this relationship.

  9. joji says:

    “buga says: April 28, 2009, 11:59 pm
    Celina will be on my blog shortly.”

    Nikiruhusiwa : utupe url ya hiyo blogu. Pia ile ya Esororo.


  10. kabuga says:


    Sorry for the mix up. I don’t think Samba ever played with TLR.

    BTW – is Samba aka Sam?



  11. Mutunga says:


    Yes indeed it’s Samba not Sam. I mucked up the first name. Swallowed the last syllable. Listen to the chorus in the copy of Mbote Mbote I uploaded and see if you can hear Mapangala . Perhaps it is another singer who sounds like the Les Kinois star.

  12. kabuga says:


    Yeah it sounds like him.

    The only “local” guy, i know of, who was once part of AFRISA is Lessa Lassan aka sauti ya simba. I have looked for some songs he recorded around 1982/3 without success viz sababu yako and tobias oduor.

  13. Mutunga says:

    @Ntwiga Clan Brothers and sisters:

    As we break for Labour Day, here’s Madilu Système in
    Manuele Samuele ripped from my modest music library. I’ve always wanted to share this song. If you don’t have the dvd, you may watch the Youtube video here. Madilu’s chorus boys were really sharp. Does anybody know what they doing musically after their mentor passed on? Have a great holiday weekend.

  14. Fred says:

    This site is in french, but it has plenty of old music.
    click on the ellipsis or […]. Good luck.

  15. CC Smith says:

    Karibu, Steve! welcome back, we missed you! As Samba Mapangala’s manager, I can say with absolute certainty he never sang with Tabu Ley. I can ask Modero, who will probably know who it is. Does anyone know the date of the track?

  16. Mutunga says:

    @CC Smith:

    Many thanks. I can only say that Tabu Ley had a singer who sounded like Samba (Same voice in Tabu Ley’s Ibrahim.) Most internet sources give 1977/1978 as the recording date for Mbote Ya Kamwanga. I don’t know when Stern’s retrocd was digitised. I recorded my vinyl-ripped copy of Mbote online, I believe from a putfile page run by one of the brothers who visit this blog. Unfortunately there is a total blackout on putfile in Italy so I can’t go back to my source. But my consolation is that I once handled and played Tabu Ley’s Sorozo vinyl LP on a proper turntable.


    We’ve missed you. Any chance you could share Tabu Ley’s Bolingo Ya Telephone ?

  17. CC Smith says:

    Sorry, the Mbote track quality is so bad, I can barely tell it’s Tabu Ley singing, let alone identify the chorus voice. Was it actually released on an album? it sounds like a basement tape or a rehearsal, not at all like the all-powerful Afrisa.

  18. Lydia says:

    I think that putfile is down everywhere. Maybe it is a thing of the past. What a shame and with no notice (that I know of) to users:-(

  19. Mutunga says:


    It’s indeed very sad to see that putfile is no longer accessible. I hope our brothers will move their media to Youtube :)

  20. Lydia says:

    Well it’s the Weekend…. so let me share some of the music by Soukous Stars that has made my commute seem so much shorter this week. These are from the album Rumba Soukous – The heartbeat of Africa – released in 2001 by Cassava records – its been out of print for quite a while – I don’t know why…. its great! Enjoy…Dally Kimoko, Ngouma Lokito, Shiko Mawatu, Shimita el Diego , Nyboma, Lokassa ya Mbongo and company.



  21. Fred says:

    @ Mutunga,
    I could not upload “Bolingo Ya Telephone” using sendspace. For some reason, sendspace is not working for me, but I have sent the track to Steve. He should post it here soon. I am not sure it was sang by Tabu Ley. The CD from which I got it is by “Los Nickelos de Zato”, possibly there is another Bolingo ya Telephone by TLR!!

  22. tina says:

    jambo steve,
    seems ur having too much fun. the posts aren’t coming with regularity anymore. i love visiting yr post ’cause every’day of every h’r in the month is full of surprises, let alone u keep the requests coming. great stuff on tabuley! my dad & i are looking for these;
    -tupa tupa
    -fatuma both by msundo ngoma
    -vimpi by lipua lipua
    anifa by lipua lipua (remember there are 2 different anifa songs)
    anifa by les kamale
    ndona & yanini by veve
    – and most important of all a few tracks from mpongo love’s souvenir souvenir album.

    u guys out there could help by getting some of these, we love them. now let’s do some posts ,kwaheri.

  23. Mutunga says:


    I look forward to hearing “Bolingo Ya Telephone” again. I remember the song but I’ve most likely forgotten who it is credited to. Thanks very much.

  24. Nganga John says:

    I luv your site sooooo much. Do you have some music from Mt. kenya region? Please post some.

  25. samuel says:

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks for the new posting.
    Mbote mbote is in Kikongo and generally songs in Kikongo sound very good (at least to my ear). A more known song in Kikongo is Kimpa Kisangameni kuna sulue…

  26. Lydia says:

    @Tina, here is

    Anifa by Lipua Lipua

    @Nganga John
    Something old and gold from Kamaru


    Kimpa Kisangameni

    And a great week to all of you.

  27. kabuga says:

    @Clan Ntwiga,

    I am missing RSA music. I dont know whether JZ DANCING HIS WAY TO THE PRESIDENCY has anything to do with it. Pls guys, post stuff by Caiphus Semenya and The Soul Brothers, that you may have.

    @gilly, Ndugu, kindly post me stella by vijana jazz if you have it or any member for that matter.

  28. kabuga says:


    ……..sasa pesa zimemuishia kasimu ee hana la kufanya eee…. Would you be having the song with that chorus?

  29. Nganga john says:

    Thanks Ntwiga for the Kamaru song. Gives me memories of 70’s and 80’s. Don’t get tired though but keep on.

  30. kabuga says:


    Be checking my brog. Will be posting Vata Mombasa’s VIMPI.

  31. gilly says:


    Sifa za Stella by Vijana Jazz Band can be located here: –


    You are required to sign up.

    Will post the rest within 2 weeks


  32. tina says:

    Thanks a million to Lydia & Kabuga, that’s what makes this blog special. I downloaded ‘anifa’ with ease but couldn’t do the same with M’pongo on rapidshare. Bwana I discovered the site is indeed a goldmine without the gold – give us some tips on getting the loot, but I will keep checking on your blog for ‘vimpi’ & more.

  33. kabuga says:


    I signed up, but how do i download??

    Will wait for the rest.

    @tina, I will post vimpi shortly. As with the link, will check whether it still works.

    @clan Ntwiga, anyone with Vata Mombasa’s “saturday”.

  34. saminator says:

    hey lydia, thnx a lot for the direction to the new site. u have made me updated. however, continuing from my previous request, am still scratching my head trying to find two songs, probably some miracle will make one of you guys get them for me if possible.
    the one is NISAIDIE by Les Wanyika in which the names of the artistes/band members are mentioned, am sure u all know it.
    the other is some mysterious Lingala song called SULIYA whose artist i do not quite know. I used to listen to SULIYA while a kid in a disco way back around 1980-81 but what a wonderful sound it was. it started with the singer announcing his return home…. then continues somewhere in the middle with a chorus that goes like SULIYA SULIYA–SULIYA SULI SULI, NAMESANA NA NGAI TEO………SULIYA SULIYA YAKA PEMBENI NA NGAI NAYOKA NANZOTO….etc don’t quite remember the lyrics right now cause i was quite tiny then but the prominent word that kept coming out was SULIYA.
    what a day u will have made for me if either or one of the songs are found.
    once again thanx for the new up-to-date site, CIAO TO ALL.

  35. kabuga says:


    About the link: highlight the taringa link, copy, then paste on the top middle bar where you normally put the address of the site you want to browse. It should give you the dowloadable link.

    Enjoy and great your dad.

  36. tina says:

    Hi Kabuga,

    It’s always great when u get new download tips, but didn’t work again. We’ve all tried to copy and paste the taringa link but couldn’t succed, we’re looking more like dafts. We’ve also tried to download M’pongo thru ShareOrDie.net but failed too – so depressing. Seems these are outdated links, may be u could help us out one last time.

  37. kabuga says:


    Pole Tina. Am sorry you are right most links on the site have gone dead. Will be posting some of my favourites from the two albums pole pole.

  38. samuel says:

    Thanks for Kimpa kisangameni.
    This is Kikongo. I am told that in the song Franco was lamenting the witchcraft, Kindoki kisangameni kuna sulu, witchcraft is hanging up in the sky… his brother had died and he believed there was an evil hand behind that the death. I really like it’s melody and the force with which those voices sing.

  39. Mutunga says:

    Ntwiga Clan Brothers and sisters:

    To celebrate the weekend, here is Boma Liwanza‘s Masua Mabe. Get the furniture out of the way and respond to that spellbinding sax and guitar exchange in the “sebene”. Have a great weekend! :)

  40. Jay says:

    Please, please, please!!. Post FC105. I need those octaves to wire me to the next level.

  41. Mutunga says:


    F.C. 105

  42. Jay says:


    Thank you so much for the song. Saw it in the morning but came back from work now. Nobody is getting any sleep tonight. I do not understand the language but the wires, rhythm and intonations reach my soul.

  43. kabuga says:


    Vimpi is now on my blog.


  44. tina says:

    stunning rhythm guitarist is this guy vata mombassa! this gem is gd to listen on a long journey through the heart of mother Africa, also gd on a subway ride, thanks Kabunga.

  45. gilly says:


    My appreciation for posting Masua Mabe. I like the track so much and it brings back my almost forgotten favourities. Excelent moments for me is at 06:71 to 08: 04; a section with perfect combination of rythm guitar and drums.

  46. Mutunga says:

    @Jay and gilly:

    You’re welcome. It’s good to know you’re enjoying the music.


    Thanks a million for Vimpi. I guess Vata Mombasa plays the lead guitar. Who’s the great tenor vocalist? Nyboma?

  47. Rosslyn says:


    Do u have any more Soukous Stars. I used to have one of their tapes in the 90s and I still wake up with the chanting from it: atiriki mbi mbi mbi mbi atiriki mbo mbo mbo mbo stuck in my head. I am just hoping one day miraculously I will be reunited with that tape.

  48. kabuga says:


    Try your luck on this link for some M’pongo stuff and more http://africansoundsystem.blogspot

  49. Fred says:

    Some of you that loved TP OK Jazz’s music, you might like this track: “Bina na ngai na respect”.

  50. tina says:


    This site is difficult to navigate. the server itself cannot be located, I had to google africansoundsystem to get into the page, once there I couldn’t find what I was looking for. There are few songs to listen to but are actually downloads with broken links. Could not find mpongo, but found interesting artists like abeti, orchestra grand piza without links for download. If u find any of these, do me a favor and post them on the Hype or send them to me, thanx a million.

  51. Kingsam says:

    You asked for Robin pretty- by soukous stars here your wish has been answered.


    Elsewhere here are some rare gems…..



  52. gilly says:

    Some music for everyone to enjoy:

    DDC Mlimani Park – Mtoto Akililia Wembe:

    TP OK Jazz – Makambo Ezali Minene:

    Maya – Orchestre Shika Shika

  53. tina says:

    @gilly & kingsam,

    u guys seem to know where to find things; could u find for me these-(mwana maua, ombatela by orchestra grand pizza), cherie bondowe?, sele pere?, bazo?, (niekesse, portager, masikini, mbele mbele by mpongo). Not available on itunes or amazon.

  54. tina says:


    thanks for the latest post.

  55. Hans says:

    Steve, do you happen to have at least one cut by Tancut Almasi Orchestra?

    It’s the now defunct band from the 1980/90s whose base was Iringa, southern highlands of Tanzania.

    I actually did not even know the band existing until you posted this comment.

    I will take a deeper look but to be honest, a quick search yielded nothing in the archives.

    Can anyone help?

    – Steve

  56. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Ntwiga Clan,
    Hope all is well. I have just become the proud owner of two classic Mopero and Shama Shama LPs I’d like to share witht the clan. I can rip them and send them to someone to post here. Will any one offer to do the honours? Otherwise if I promise to do it I know I will not get around to ti as we are going away and when I get back it will be work work work.

    I have to say the guitarists and drumer in Shama Shama must have had an Eveready dry cell in them. The music is so tight and full of energy, and that is for all the tracks. Can’t wait to share.

    Tracks Like Mama aye, Bagambo ya mwana moto Vicky Shama, Baseleli Ngai Likita and more


  57. tina says:

    @ Samuel, can u please send for me mopero’s track called ‘pitchou’. Don’t know the album, thanks.

  58. kabuga says:


    Am very sorry for the delay. Internet is very slow in my office and i have to retry many times. Finally, you can get partage at my blog. Enjoy

  59. tina says:

    @ Samuel
    we’re just dancing friday evening away with a collection of african divas, thanks a million for m’pongo, came as a suprise and oh boy! brought back all the memories back in the days. if u h’ve ‘masikini’, ‘niekesse’, and ‘exclusivite’, kindly share this beautiful and most distinct voice.

  60. tina says:

    @ Samuel,

    just remembered, if u still have wanyika’s ‘pamela’, paulina’ and ‘kasuku’, please kindly share with us, thanks.

  61. Kingsam says:

    if you haven’t gotten M’pongo’s others, and Tshala’s Sele pere! let me know, I am away for duty in Washington, but once i am back in Big Texas, I will be able to post them here.

  62. tina says:


    To be exact, we’re looking for M’pongo’s niekesse, masikini, & exclusivite; Tshala Muana’s koumba & sele pere; and Yondo Syster’s bazo. by sharing these with us u would have completed our African divas collection, thanks and looking forward to the post.

  63. Abdullah says:

    Yondo Sister & Soukous Stars – Bazo:

  64. Dónall says:

    Habari zenu?
    Great to see such knowledge -not just about the music, but where to get it from! This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I think if you folks can’t help me, I don’t know who can…I’m looking for Issa Juma/Super Wanyika singing Matatizo Nimeyazoea, 1980s sometime, on the PolePole label -I’ve just missed a copy on ebay, and desperately looking for a digital one to play for my wife…
    Nashukuru sana,

  65. Abdullah says:

    Tshala Muana – Koumba:

  66. Abdullah says:

    Issa Juma & Super Wanyika – Matatizo Nimeyazoea:

  67. Dónall says:

    Wololo yaiyeh! Shukrani sana Abdullah kwa hio upload -ukijua vile umenifurahiisha, hauwezi amini ni wimbo moja tu umeniwekea ikafanya nisikie hivyo. I’m far away from my wife saa hii, but going home soon, and it means an awful lot to know I’m going home to play her that one.

    Nashukuru sana tena kwa kazi njema.


  68. tina says:

    A shout and much thanks to Abdullah for Yondo & T’muana works.

    @Kingsam, now just looking for M’pongo & T’muana’s sele pere.

  69. Kingsam says:

    It has been worth a long wait finally they’re here

    First is Masikini

    Then there was Niekesse

    Then here comes Exclusivit’e’ ya l’amour

    And finally Seli Pere!

    Tina if this doesn’t knock your shoes off, then you seriously need some old school soukous dance music!

  70. Abdullah says:

    Thanks all. Can someone help me out finding Tshala Muana – Ekuneneke and Coeurs Brises – Rumba Saccade?

    I have these tracks by Tshala but need the name of the song:

  71. tina says:

    Wham! yes! don’t know how to thank you, we’re all elated for M’pongo, she’s a favorite among the ladies in our house, no doubt there’ll be a karaoki night ’cause we’re familar with the lyrics. Just come up north for a night of kara. Believe or not ‘masikini’ ‘niekesse’, Tshala’s ‘sele pere’ have been the anthems since we downloaded. Thanks for taking the time to post these for us, keep up the hype spirit.

    @Abdullah, thanks for the extras

  72. Fred says:

    If you can find your way around, this site has plenty.
    Good luck

  73. Lydia says:

    @ Kingsam, Abdullah, Kabuga, Gilly, Fred, Mutunga . Its been a busy time.

    Thanks for all the musical riches !!

  74. gilly says:

    @Ntwiga family,
    Some music to share!

    The setting is Nairobi late 1970s, (1) Juma – Orch Les Noirs


    (2) Drivers – Och Kombekombe

    Bonus: Tabora: (early 70s), Track: Rangi ya Chungwa by Kiko Kids:



  75. Joe says:


    You are either a mindreader or a True Wizard or both!

    Siama Matuzungidi is one of my fave rhythm guitarists, and it has been fairly easy to track his contributions to many bands of note such as Cavacha, Makale, Shika, Moja, and Virunga. That period of time when he apparently ducked into Uganda with Kombe remained mysterious to me, and I’ve been looking for tracks from this band for quite a while. I was planning on asking Clan Ntwiga for any assistance/tracks, and you can imagine that my eyes got as big as LPs when I saw your last post! BIG THANKS for this.

    Great track, with a nice callout to Siama at 6:20. Any label info on this?


    BTW I doubt that anyone would mind if you were able and inclined to post more Kombe Kombe tracks!

  76. gilly says:


    We are together in love of home music.

    Kombe-kombe was formed largely by ex-musicians from orch Shama Shama, Koko Zigo Mike (prince), and Siama on-board. Anyone with a hit track Nyako-Nzazi by the group pse post it here.

  77. JackRamon says:


    Just a quick word to let you know that you are featured in our blogroll


    Please check our site. If you like our work, do link back to us.

    If you feel like contributing, let us know.

    A lot of thanks.

    The Radio.Video.Trad Team

    PS : you can also check our other website http://www.radiovideojazz.com/

  78. Fred says:

    Here is another site worthy visiting

    The Jukebox has plenty of selections

  79. Fred says:

    Any one with any of these songs by Lady Isa (Tama, Ale Mama, Tabou ya Africa)?

  80. Mutunga says:

    @Fred; comment#82:

    Thanks so much for revealing that great playlist. This is precisely the kind of information we should be sharing more often. :)

  81. Esororo says:

    @ Tina here you go girl.

    Ndona & Yanini


    I don’t know what group did this one. It sounds like they were live. Enjoy.

    FC 105

  82. tina says:

    Wonderfully done! a million thanks from my dad, veve from 1975 is his bread & butter. I wonder where u scooped these from, they’re in excellent form. Thanks for remembering our requests wks past.


    We love visiting and listening to Zilisopendwa tunes @http://www.kenyans.org/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=608
    try for one or a couple of Lady Isa tracks.

  83. swara says:

    hii, i have been to mwana mboka’s site. a lovely place!
    however i can only listen to the tunes only when i am on the computer. Is there a way a can listen to them elsewhere.

  84. Abdullah says:

    @Fred; comment#83:

    Lady Issa – Tamaa:

    I have 2 more tracks by Lady Issa; “Dunia” and “Kuteleza Sio Kuanguka” if you are interested.

  85. Fred says:

    Thanks a lot Abdullah. I have been hunting for lady Isa’s music for a while. I tried to order for the CD from Natari but it was out of stock, so I am now looking the tracks. Please send “Dunia”, I have “Kuteleza Sio Kuanguka”.
    There is also “Djambo” on the same CD.
    Thanks once again.

    Lady Issa with Dunia can be found here.

    – Ntwiga

  86. Fred says:

    Thanks Ntwiga.

  87. Fred says:

    Thanks Tina; at first I could not navigate the site and I was at a loss, now I can. It has a good collection of oldies.
    For your dad’s love of Veve here are some more:
    1. Mfum’bwa
    2. Vivita
    3. Bilobela
    4. Lukani
    5. Vicky
    6. Katenga

  88. Abdullah says:


    Any luck with Tshala Mwana track names? See comment#74, thanks.

  89. Fred says:

    @ Abdullah; Tshala Muana
    I have not listened to “Tshala Muana” in a long time. To ID track 01 or 02 and track 03, I need to sit and listen to her music for some time.

    Tshala Muana 01 @ 128 kbps = Tshala Muana 02 @ 320 kbps (Will ID later)
    Tshala Muana 03 = May not be Tsala Mwana(Will ID later).
    Tshala Muana 04 = Franco TP OK Jazz – Mizele
    Tshala Muana 05 = Monique Seka = Oakaman

  90. Fred says:

    @ Abdullah; Tshala Muana
    Tshala Muana 03 = Mayaula Mayoni[L’Amour Au Kilo] – 03 – Mbongo

  91. Abdullah says:

    Thanks Fred. Can you contact me at analabri@gmail.com, I have a lot of track that I need the names.

    Thanks again.

  92. Fred says:

    @Response to comment # 88. by swara:
    It is possible to get those files to your music folder and burn them on a CD. Just follows these instructions:

    1.Listen to a track say, Sofele, par Emile Soki & Bella Bella up to its end.
    2.On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options box should open to the General tab.
    3.On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Settings button. This will open the Settings box.
    4.In the Settings box, click View Files and it will open files stored in the Temporary Internet folder.
    5.Sort the file by size, the large media files (mp3 or wma or ram or flv etc) should move to the top. Copy and paste these files to any location of your choice. Or click on Folders in the menu bar, then Drag the files with your mouse and drop them in any folder you of your choice on the left (e.g. My Music).
    6.If the files are not correctly named, you have to rename them. Enjoy.

  93. Robert says:


    Jamaa nilikosa Vimpi(Mombasa) please reload shukrani in advance

  94. Robert says:

    Bwana could please reload Yanini the file is no longer available. Shukrani in advance

  95. Robert says:

    Hi Ntwigans collectors a piece of vintage out of Uganda thought you might be interested .

    The Tames- Monica


    Like it? Ask for more

  96. Fred says:

    Check this out: http://www.bongocelebrity.com
    Please navigate with some patience; there is plenty in here especially for lovers of TZ music. Enoy.

  97. Fred says:

    @ Robert,
    Have you ever visited http://www.connectuganda.com/content/view/68/83 ?
    Click on JukeBox and explore the collections there.

  98. Robert says:


    What a wonderful site! The collections are simply timeless and marvellous- Thanks Fred

  99. Mackenzie says:

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