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hey all

Got these tracks from a ntwiga.net reader and I was hoping we could get some help figuring out who performed them.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Mystery track #1

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Unknown – Salongo

Mystery track #2

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Unknown Track by Unknown Artist

This second one is sounds like it may be a cover based on an old Fundi Konde track Mazowea (that I have posted below) but I could be wrong. The instrumentation is certainly too modern for this track to be from the 70’s or 80’s (it might be me but the bass line and the rhythm guitars sound almost synthesized to me rather than the real thing) and I think that this is pulled off a pretty recent CD release from one of the coastal beach bands that have proliferated around Mombasa and Malindi to entertain tourists.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Fundi Konde – Mazowea


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  1. JARIBU says:

    Salongo is by Bwambe Bwambe. I have a better copy.

  2. Abdullah says:

    @ JARIBU

    Can you post here the better copy? Thanks.

  3. JARIBU says:

    No I cannot post it since I do not know how given that it’s someone else’s blog. I can send it to Ntwiga via e-mail if his address can be availed.

  4. Abdullah says:


    Thanks a lot, you are the man dude.

  5. Steve! How do I get a hold of you directly? I have some good stuff for you

  6. Abdullah says:

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Lydia says:

    Mystery track #2 is Kadzo

    The song is written and performed by the King of Bango Music Mzee Ngala (Joseph Ngala) who is a prolific song/poetry writer and singer. He is popular on the Kenyan coast and people like to have him perform at weddings. He also performs in Hotels and other venues in Nairobi when they are featuring Bango Music. In 2003 he won the Kisima Music Award for the Bango Artist of the year .
    This is a beautiful poetic song about Kadzo his ladylove, a modest and unassuming lady from Malindi.
    The song Kadzo is in bango style which according to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bango_(music) is a fusion of Portugese , Taarab and local music styles.


    Kadzo ni wangu rafiki, ye mwenyewe ajijua,
    siku mbili hazipiti, Kabla sijampokea,
    Sioni wala sisikii, nimemzoea,
    Kadzo ni rafiki, ni wangu maridhia

    Hana makubwa, hajali, nisemalo husikia,
    Japo sasa yuko mbali, moyo wangu namwachia,
    Moyo umemkubali, umemzoea
    Kadzo ni rafiki, ni maridhia

    Nitafunga yangu safari,
    Niende kumtembelea
    Rafiki yangu yu mbali
    Nashindwa kuvumilia
    Japo sasa sina mali
    Ndio ki dunia
    Kadzo ni rafiki ni wangu maridhia
    Wengine wana maswali
    Bina damu hashindiki
    Huleta lile na hili
    Haja yao hiweziki
    Hata hivyo siwajali
    Na siwashiriki
    Kadzo ni rafiki ni maridhia

    Cool sax :-)

    Nimuonapo kwa mbali
    Hata huwa si ridhiriki
    Nami na mwimba kwa kweli
    Si muimbiki hadithi
    Mambo yakiwa mazuri
    Basi ni Harusi
    Kadzo ni rafiki ni wangu maridhia

    Kwa kina Kadzo si mbali
    Ni mjitu wa malindi
    Niondokapo kwa gari
    Mwendo kama wa saa mbili
    Huingia kwa fahari ninapowasili
    Kwa wangu rafiki na maridhia

    Nimuonapo kwa mbali
    Hata huwa si ridhiriki
    Nami na mwimba kwa kweli
    Si muimbiki hadithi
    Mambo yakiwa mazuri
    Basi ni Harusi
    Kadzo ni rafiki ni wangu maridhia

    Kwa kina Kadzo si mbali …..

    Oh ingia kwa fahari ninapowasili
    Kwa wangu rafiki na maridhia…

  8. Robert says:

    Hi Ntwigans,

    please reload:
    Mbale- Kiam
    Yanini- Veve
    Horoscope- Bella Bella na
    Swinging Safari – i missed out on previous availability


  9. Fred says:

    @ Robert

    Have you checked the previous links and found no files? I have checked the Pichouna link; it is still active and I am sure all the others should still be active. My advise is that try them first before asking for a reupload.

  10. Tina says:

    From my dad’s junk box, he can’t figure out the artists. Could anyone?


    Now that I’ve uploaded, makes me appreciate everyone’s kindness, ’cause it does take time and patience to post music here. Anybody with ‘Rigo Teka’, ‘Magali’, or ‘Mwana Mobowa’? p’se post for me, thanks to all.

  11. Robert says:

    You are right only the Pichouna link is active for the rest I get a message to request the uploader to reload the file

  12. Fred says:

    @ Tina,
    There is one I can immediately ID; this is [02 Pasi = Mado by Vox Africa ] It is on the CD “La Belle Epoque”.
    There 2 others I will have to listen to twice or thrice to recall.

  13. Fred says:

    @ All and especially Esororo and Ochan;
    Listen to this track: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9qo6kv ; it is the side B of Affaire Semeki (1973). Look into your archives and see if you can dig it out. It is either by Cobantou or Bokelo. I am not sure about Bokelo because I have quite a collection of his works but it is not among them. Brothers, if you find it, please post all of it here. Thanks.

  14. Joe says:


    02 sIM sure sounds like Hassan Bitchouka to me. Possibly DDC or IOSS?

  15. Tina says:

    You’re right, after further research, I found out that Hassan B. moved between Mlimani and Safari Sound, typical of the competition & music rivalries of the time. We’re therefore living the artist label at DDC/IOSS per your suggestion, thanks.

    Initially heard the words ‘mado’ in the song but didn’t think there could be another ‘mado’ besides F.Luambo’s, thanks for that infor.

  16. Lydia says:

    @ Robert

    Mbale by Orch Kiam


    A Swinging Safari – Bert Kaempfert

    Horoscope-Bella Bella

    I think I missed Yanini

  17. Tina says:

    Here’s Veve’s ‘yanini’, got the post from here, might as well repost it, thanks to Fred and Esororo.


    Anyone with Kanda Bongoman? someone on a blog was suggesting they play a Mpangala or Bongoman song to H.Clinton as a welcome to one of her meetings with a women’s group in Kenya. Uuh! don’t know about this one, but do know that a businessman from Nakuru offered livestock as bride price for Chelsea Clinton. Good way to spread love, have access to power, keep it and rule the world. Enjoy the wkend.

  18. Fred says:

    @ All Ntwigans,
    Check this out: http://www.bongocelebrity.com
    Please navigate with some patience; there is plenty in here especially for lovers of TZ music old and new.
    Music dowloads to HDD fast; just watch the green indicator at the bottom of the player.
    You can also check the archives by date. Enjoy.

    @ Tina,
    Which particular Kanda Bongoman do you want?

  19. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    In response to Blog 13:
    This is not AFFAIRE SEMEKI, but the song was played by the same Champro King sortly after releasing Affaire Semeki.
    A Zairean friend of mine promised to post me Affaire Semeki last year but so far I have not received it. If I do then I shall make it available.

    Could you guys post for me a Swahili song called SALIMA
    I don’t know what band played it but some of the words goes like this:
    ..”Dada Chura Yako Ni Chai Yangu”…..
    …”Dada Kupendana Chi Kitu Ya Lazima, no no no”..etc.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Fred says:

    @ Ochan;
    Could it be this one by wstern Jazz? http://www.sendspace.com/file/nr0neq

  21. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Thanks, but it is not the SALIMA I am looking for.

  22. Robert says:

    @Lydia and Tina

    You are great! Thanks a lot.

  23. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia

    Thank you for the Info. & Lyrics for Kadzo.


    02 sIM is Nawashukuru Wazazi Wangu – DCC Mlimani Park Orchestra
    02 unknownB is by Franco & OK Jazz. I know have the track somewhere, when I find it I will give you the Name.
    01 unknown slow is by African Viesta I hear Dr. Nicos’ voice.

    Tina FYI there are Mado tracks by Soukous Stars, Yondo Sister, Sam Mangwana, Grand Maquisards, Pablo Lubadika, Vox Africa, TP OK Jazz, and etc.


    I don’t have “Affaire Semeki” in my archives bro, but it is by Orchestre Cobantou which later became Les Bantous De La Capitale.

    @ David Ochan

    Salima does not ring a bell with me. But, if it is out there someone soon or later will find it.

  24. Lydia says:

    @ Robert
    Your request for “The Warrior” by Osibisa

    A few more Osibisa tracks you may remember

    They rocked our high school days……….. a long time ago….

  25. Jay says:

    @Lydia and Esororo

    02 unkown B in post # is Dede by Franco.

  26. Abdullah says:

    This is really good, let’s us this post for unknown tracks to be ID’ed. I have the following which I think by ZLL but need the tracks names:


  27. Abdullah says:

    This is really good, let us this post for unknown tracks to be ID’ed. I have the following which I think by ZLL but need the tracks names:


  28. Joe says:


    The full name of 02 unknownB is “Dede Kabola Mikolo” by Franco & OK.


    The 2nd Zaiko seems to be a medley, and I haven’t heard this before, but I’m liking it. It starts with the same opening as “C’est Pour Toi”. @2:30 it seems to be “Liwa yo Moyibi”. Working on IDing the rest. Someday, hopefully, there will be a complete and definitive resolution of the very messy ZLL discography.

  29. Robert says:


    You are great! Your taste = mine. Indeed those were our hits of High school. All my memories of Jamhuri Primary/Menengai High Sch Nakuru came back hitting me. Keep them flowing!!

  30. Lydia says:

    Glad you enjoyed those tracks by Osibisa
    Here are some more of my favorites

    Sunshine Day
    Happy Children


  31. Abdullah says:


    You were right, the 2nd ZLL is the 1st track “Liwa Yo Moyibi” from the 1985 LP album “Eh Ngoss! Eh Ngoss! Eh Ngoss!”

  32. Abdullah says:

    3rd ZLL is “Eza Nga!” from the album “Eureka”, I just need now the name for the 1st ZLL.

  33. Tina says:

    Thanks for doing the double time; posting the wonderful tracks and doing some forensic work on those I posted, with much appreciation.

    Any of these will send me scampering for the dance floor, thank you, as always.
    Liza, Lisote, Sango, Zing Zong, Monie, Sai, Cantique, Bedy, J.T.

  34. Fred says:

    @ Tina;

    This is what you asked for: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4z2hlb

  35. Esororo says:

    @ Tina
    Any time girl, glad I can help. Here are a few your Dad can remember and enjoy.

    Fabrice – Franco

    Was released in 1980 or 81

    Franco on vocals & animations: Ndombe Opetum and Wuta Mayi, vocals & percussion: Lola Chécain. Guitar players: Antone Nedule Monswet’s (Papa Noel) “solo” and Gerry Dialungana), rhythm guitar: Gégé Mangaya, bass guitar: Mpudi Decca, batterie: Ntoya, percussion. Listen to Papa Noel guitar playing it is outstanding.

    Orch. Engunduka

    Yebisa Tina

    If anyone know anything about the band please post it. And I am looking for “Yebisa Tina” track. I don’t know if they made any more tracks than the three here. Please help.

    Pronostics – Orchestre Vévé

    Most of might not remember this one from 1973.

    pronostics. = French-English
    nmpl (=prévisions) forecast

  36. Robert says:


    Thanks for the Osibisa gems, how about the Lipua Lipua’s collection you promised?

  37. Jay says:


    Pronotics sounds like TPOK?

  38. Esororo says:

    @ Jay
    Pronostics is Orch. Veve not TP OK Jazz

    @ Kabuga
    The Soul Brothers you have been asking for are here.

    Later Bro….

  39. Robert says:

    Nice people wanted Bella Bella’s SOLA and MBUTA

  40. Tina says:

    @ Fred,
    Any related software to open the Bongo Man file with RAR ext? is it zipped? if you do get time, kindly break it down for me.

    Yap! you’re always right, soon after hearing Papa Noel, my father told us about his past accomplishments and present stint with Kekele, of course we love Kekele in our house. That Noel taught himself the guitar his mother bought him, just a wonderful story out of a music loving family.

  41. kabuga says:


    Soul Brothers!!!! My weekend is set. Thanks bro.

  42. Fred says:

    @ Tina,
    You need winrar to decompress the file. Get it here free: http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html

    I also think if you have wizip, it should be able to decompress winrar files; but winrar will decompress all other compression types. It is wise to have it on your PC.

  43. Esororo says:

    @ Tina


    Click on Download Now!
    On File Download – Security Warning
    Click Run
    Click Run again
    It will download the Program and ready to install
    Click Accept
    Decline to everything if you don’t want all the junk. Read it please

    It will install and the Installation Progress window will show 7-zip Installed.
    Click Finish and Close all the windows.
    Go to the Zipped File. Right click it and on the dropdown look for 7-Zip and highlight it, on the dropdown click on Extract files. The Extract to: Window will appear make sure current pathnames and overwrite without prompt are checked. Then OK

    It will extract and make a folder by the same name but it will be unzipped. Open it and you are good to go.

    If it does not work, you are on your own.
    Have fun….

  44. Abdullah says:


    There is a CRC error in that Kanda.rar file with the last file “4 – Cantique”, can you please re-upload the last track?!


  45. Lydia says:

    I will hook up up with Lipua Lipua soon – been out of town.

  46. Robert says:


    Thanks a million.

  47. kabuga says:

    @clan members

    Isnt SOUL BROTHERS – isikwele – a masterpice?! Just check it out on Esororo’s last posting. This is is inspired music – perhaps by the then apartheid conditions.

  48. Jay says:

    Lord!, lord!, lord! Esororo, thank you so much for Soul Brothers. My older sister died and she used to love that stuff. I can see her bobbing as if she was possessed. Good memories!!!!

  49. kabuga says:


    Now this is THE MUSIC. Your sister had taste – RIP.

  50. Esororo says:

    @ Kabuga
    The wait as paid off you bro. It was worth waithing for. I am happy you are enjoying The Soul Brothers tracks. They were also my best grooving music those days. I think they still are to me.

    @ Jay
    That is the little I can do to bring back good memories especially your late siters and her love for The Soul Brothers. They all live on. Enjoy and keep the good memories going every time you listen to one of the tracks.

    @ Everyone

    Confession, If any one can find out what group did this track please, Thank you.


    For those of us who come in like and enjoy the music say something about the track you liked. Lets talk and keep sharing people, it looks like the house is quiet and I know a lot of us go through here.

    This is a challenge for everyone that logs in, please sign in and drop a word or two. To Start, I say “Hello People”

    Good day and enjoy………….

  51. Tina says:

    @Esororo & Fred,
    Great job! the wizard finally did its job, I was afraid of a virus outta of space.
    Love that song ‘Frabrice’ by Franco, has been listening to it on my ipod on a replay mode while commuting. Perhaps the only Franco song I new little about. We have Franco’s collection, but this particular song was missing. It is a wonderful wonderful song, thanks for the surprise.

  52. Jay says:

    Esororo and Kabuga. Thanks for the kind words. T was one of a kind and she would brighten life always. Music sometimes would put her into a trance. Both parents are Reverends and they would just shake their head. Hoping for her to find religion. But she had one already, music!! That lady made us laugh so much. Dad’s spirit was low and he followed her soon thereafter. We still laugh and celebrate the memories. Thanks and OK!, enough said so let’s move on.

  53. Fred says:

    @ All,
    Any one remember “Gilmo” by Verckys Veve? Please post it here. I have been looking for it for so long; I can no longer keep quiet.
    Another track worthy listening to is “Laurantine by Cobantou”; any one have it in their crates? Do the needy. Thanks.

  54. Jay says:

    I am always learning new stuff here. Good teachers!!!!

  55. Great site!
    Anyone remember a track called “Goodbye Maasai Girl” by a group called “Gravity” or “Galaxy” or something like that? I think they also had a song called “I’m forever yours”

  56. kabuga says:


    Yeah it was Gravity. Composed of UON students then.

  57. kabuga says:

    @Esororo, Confesion could be grand masquisards because there is the unmistakable voice of Ntesa Dalienst.

  58. Esororo says:

    @ Kabuga

    You are right, but this guy was everywhere. He was the king of freelancing. And he was the be on what he did.

  59. Esororo says:


  60. Fred says:

    Kabuga is right; Confession is track # 2 on the CD Santu Petelo – The very best of (Ntesa Dalienst) with Grands Maquisards 1969 – 1971 – 1972

  61. Lydia says:

    I don’t know if this was the Chama Cha Mapinduzi you were looking for but you can try it I don’t have one by Makassy


  62. Esororo says:

    @ Fred

    Thank you. I knew you guys will do it.

  63. Lydia says:

    @ Esororo
    Are you trying to draw out our friendly lurkers out in cyberspace?:-) (Comment #49) I think thats a great idea – it would be nice to hear something from those who enjoy the music exchanges that go on here and judging from the download numbers theres quite a number. Come on guys and gals join in even if just to say hello!

  64. Abdullah says:

    Hello everyone,

    Any luck with the 1st ZLL track:

    I have these as well, the first 2 I think by Mbaraka Mwinsheshe and the 3rd one I think by Vijana Jazz Band:

  65. Fred says:

    @ 64.Abdullah
    Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Unknown 01 = Nirudi mama

  66. Lydia says:

    On replaying CCM I realized it does indeed sound like Makassy and after a little research I realized that Mose Se Sengo ‘Fan Fan’ has a long and interesting history playing with various bands over the years including Makassy, OK Jazz, Somo Somo, Matimila etc – so I believe the track I put up is what you were looking for. Below is a link with interesting info about Mose

  67. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia
    The word is out (lurkers). Did you know they make up over 90% of online groups.

    In the 80s and early 90s people used message board on the BBS computer system to upload files and post comments. I don’t know if anyone remembers these. Anyway, the joke in the office was for lurkers that they were silent participants or D.O.M or R.O.M.

    I have a few sub-Categories of lurkers if you are interested to know.
    Enough on that for now.

    @ Abdullah
    Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Unknown 01 = Nirudie Mama
    Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Unknown 02 = Tunachogombea Nini

  68. Lydia says:

    @ Robert

    here is Sola by Bella Bella

    Here is Mbuta but by Lipua Lipua not Bella Bella its the only one I have maybe someone can come up with the track by Bella Bella


    Lets hear more …….. Probably we all lurk somewhere…..

  69. Jay says:

    One day I dream of winning a money lottery. Then I can have all of you people secluded on some island then let the nyama choma sizzle. Guinness will flow. The ancestors will percolate and blood will float. For sure the nerves will undulate in octaves. So much to reminisce, learn and grow. Awesome company.

  70. Jay says:

    Esororo. Do you remember AfricaOnline country boards? Those people could write and debate!!!

  71. Jay says:

    Looking for Kila Siku, kila siku, Kariobangi and Chebukube isoko yamagendo. Also that song that was played on VOK on 8/1 during the coup and it goes like this: ukiwa na ugonjwa, ugonja wa siasa utadungwa shindano, upone maramoja.

  72. Lydia says:

    btw what are BBS, D.O.M and R.O.M educate us I’ve never heard those terms….

  73. Esororo says:

    @ Jay
    Yes, I remember it very well. I used to be a participant. It was a weekly online discussions through an email list or discussion board it was never in real time or chat as it is now.

    @ Lydia
    Bulletin Board System (BBS) was a computer system running software that allowed users to dial into the system over a phone line called (Telnet) and, using a terminal program, perform functions such as downloading software and data, uploading data, reading news, and exchanging messages with other users. Most of the Bulletin Board Systems were run as a hobby free of charge by the system operator while other had membership fees.

    BBS were for social purposes, meeting people and having discussions on message boards, also for playing games, downloading software, publishing articles and etc. by using a single application.

    As the use of the Internet became more widespread in the 1990’s, BBS became less popular and faded away. Especially in 1996 when World Wide Web became mainstream. You guys make me feel old explaining this.

    “Anyway, the joke in the office was for lurkers, that they were silent participants or D.O.M or R.O.M.”
    Download Only Members
    Read Only Members.

    There you have it……

  74. Abdullah says:

    Thanks a lot Fred and Esororo

  75. Robert says:


    Asante sana Lydia, always thought Mbuta was Bella Bella stuff, I listen to it carefully and noted as usual what Veve’s bands (Lipua Lipua, Kiam et al) used to do praise him -Kiamwangana. There is no mention of Professeur Vata(seems like he had not joined them then). Surprise Soki Vangu, Pepe Kalle Mulembu …… all familiar Lipua Lipua’s craftsmen.
    And anway Mbuta was/is the name of their silky saxophonist Mbuta Benazo(Mwana moke)

  76. Fred says:

    @ Jay;
    You can believe it; I thought I was the only one looking for that “Chebukube”. Luckly some one had it and shared it, so here we go:

  77. Jay says:

    Fred. I am enjoying Chebukube now. Thanks Bro!!!

  78. Lydia says:

    Thanks for shedding light – I must not have been anywhere near a computer in those days for I never heard of any of those. No need to feel old, my teenage daughter told me the other day that she’s very sure that I walked with the dinosaurs somewhere in my past :-). so much for my feeling manyanga..

    You join Samwiri (you’re so quiet) who offered to host nyama choma a while ago somewhere in the older threads… its a good dream

    I join the others in looking forward to hearing Kariobangi once again … that would be so good, also a song in the 70’s called ‘Lucy’ it was in Gikuyu and went … Lucy wahenagya ware queeni wakwa nogwo ndakwendete, na ngoro yakwa ….. I think it may have been by Kamaru but am not sure

  79. Lydia says:

    Happy weekend all
    A mix for you all to spice up your weekend –

    Lala Salama
    Twathiaga tukenete
    Mr. Agoya

  80. timbo says:

    Hi Ntwigans,

    Esororo mentioned the numerous songs called Mado back in comment 23. Here’s the one by Grand Maquisards for you to enjoy. It’s from a CD called Verckys presente les meilleurs success de l’orchestre Grand Maquisards 1968-69 put out by Editions Kaluila in Paris.


  81. Jay says:

    Who needs a Tweeter? We Ntwiga. From the land of Ntiga. We have been Ntwigarized and now we have Ntwigaritis. Satisfied!!!

  82. JARIBU says:

    To Lydia,
    I have never heard a version of Mbuta that is different from the one you have shared. I have two copies: one by Lipua Lipua and the other by Bella Bella and they both are identical. That makes me believe that Lipua Lipua (a group that was an off-shoot of Bella Bella) simply attached their name to the song without ever changing a thing.

  83. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    Bella Bella did not do Mbuta they did a track by the name “Mbula” most people think it is mbuta.

  84. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    Sorry, Lipua Lipua did not do Mbuta they did Mbula. Bella Bella did Mbuta.

  85. Fred says:

    @ Esororo,
    Could you post the “Mbula” by Liupa Lipua here.

    @ All,
    Here is another upload of Orchestre Lipua Lipua’s Leki ya mwasi in stereo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gjioxu
    and another one by Bella Bella: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wz0k8p

  86. gilly says:

    Hi all,

    Thank you for keeping me robust in Honolulu

    Remember Viva Makale at Garden Sq Nairobi featuring Kalombo Mwanza, Kabea Lomboto, Tambwe, Jimmy Moni Mambo, Siama , Lover Machine et al? Remember their most popular hit (according 2 me)? Follow the link and enjoy AKAMBA!


  87. JARIBU says:

    To Esororo.
    Below is a discography of Lipua Lipua I compiled from several sources and none of them mentioned “Mbula.” Please share it if you have it.

    Lipua Lipua

    1. Amba
    2. Anifa
    3. Awanze
    4. Blanche
    5. Distingue
    6. Fuga Fuga
    7. Kamale
    8. Kendeke Malembe
    9. Kizengezenge
    10. Kubotama Maboli
    11. La Verite Blesse
    12. Lemba Lemba
    13. Leki Ya Mwasi
    14. Lossa
    15. Lusamba
    16. Mangaka
    17. Massele
    18. Matoba
    19. Mbondo (Remake)
    20. Mbondo (Original)
    21. Mbuta
    22. Mfueni
    23. Milfa
    24. Mimi
    25. Mombassa
    26. Moseka Wetu
    27. Nala
    28. Naleli Libala
    29. Namona Yo Wapi
    30. Nasala Yo Nini
    31. Nasepelisa Nzoto
    32. Ngali
    33. Niki Bue
    34. Nkotela
    35. Noka
    36. No Moke
    37. Nono
    38. Nouvelle Generation
    39. Nsayi
    40. Nzela Mobali Na Mopotuna
    41. Okomo Ni Boye
    42. Ombale
    43. Panana
    44. Se Kizenge
    45. Temperature
    46. You You
    47. Yo Na Beya ***
    48. Zaina Mama
    49. Zonga Ndako ***
    50. Vimpy

  88. Jay says:

    WARNING TO Gilly and ALL. Be aware that the link for Akamba above has a trojan and so your computer will be screwed. Be on alert for stuff from Eastafrican tube.

  89. Esororo says:

    @ Fred and Jaribu

    I do not have it “Mbula” still looking myself. It is in my still to find list.

    A little history to help figure things out for some of us:

    Orchestra Bella Bella was formed in 1969 by the late Soki Vangu (Maxim Soki) and Soki Dianzenza (Emile Soki). The younger Soki brother, Emile, was only 16 at the time.

    They went on to make many recordings during the early 1970s, playing alongside other bands like Orchestre African Music and Orchestre Lipua-Lipua. Pepe Kalle was one of their most well-known members, joining the band in 1972 for a brief stint. Kanda Bongo Man and Diblo Dibala also played with Bella Bella in the early 80s.

    In the years 1973, 74 and 75 Orchestre Bella Bella and Lipua Lipua went through times when band members were back and forth. That is why a lot of us are having issues in IDing who did what track.

    The solo guitarist on the best known Lipua-Lipua tracks was by Aspro Lusuama and Satana Mongo-Ley.

    But, in the early years of Bella Bella the solo guitarist was Ricos Kinzonga who, together with Nyboma and Mulembu, left Bella Bella in 1973 to form Lipua Lipua.

    In the first year of Lipua Lipua, Bissikita, Pierre of Bella Bella was the main rhythm guitarist. Vata Mombasa was not happy so he left and joined Bombenga’s Vox Africa and, later that year in 1973, he joined Orch. Afrizam.

    In 1974, Verckys forced Bissikita out and brought back Vata Mombasa as the main rhythm guitarist.

    In 1975 Verckys started to have problems with Nyboma, Mulembu & Kinzonga and the three left to form Orch. Kamale, Vata Mombasa became the leader of Lipua Lipua.

    Where is Vata Mombasa? He lives in Abidjan where he has for over 20yrs.


    @ Jaribu
    Good work on the list. But there are more to add to it, here are a few

    # 11 La Vérité blessée was done by Bella Bella Not Lipua Lipua.

    # 36 is Ma Moke

    # Nono is by Bella Bella

    Bongisa maloba





    Lossa is Llossa

    Nasala Yo Nini


    Mbondo Remix is Super Mbondo

  90. Mutunga says:


    Still enjoying my last week on holiday but I’ll stop by to ask you if you know the whereabouts of Nsaya Nzayadio (He was a key singer in Lipua Lipua).

  91. Robert says:

    The Lipua Lipua yarn here is getting interesting!!
    One great aspect of their music is the way they blend the solo and rhythm guitars more any other bands could muster. Just listen to hits like Naspelisa Nzoto amd Lemba Lemba then you would know what I mean.

    @JARIBU – that list stirs great memories

    Keep up Ntwigans!

  92. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga

    Where is Nzaya Nzayadio?

    He is living in “Berlin – Germany” He is with Aria Stars. With his friend Fayila Dada, Aspro Lusuama and Iblo Sax.

    Remember “Aspro Lusuama”? Solo guitarist from Lipua Lipua


    But, it looks like he spends most of his time in the UK.Working with Robert Maseko a young Congolese singer-songwriter. Nzaya Nzayadio was or is helping him to consolidate Congobeat’s reputation as the Uk’s No. 1 soukous-rumba recording and touring outfit.


    @ Lydia

    Pole sana

    “my teenage daughter told me the other day that she’s very sure that I walked with the dinosaurs somewhere in my past :-)”

    Don’t they “teenagers” know how to make one feel special? My name is not Daddy anymore. It is Hey, Dad or Hey, Old man. I hope the Dinosaurs were kind to you cause the teens are not in any chance. Tell them how much wisdom you have being a Dino. imagine 65 million yrs ago.

  93. Lydia says:

    Thank you guys for sharing info about the music – thats what makes this blog so special – getting to share music plus learn about the musicians whose music we appreciate so much.

    I have come to the realization that it it against teenage religion to appreciate your wisdom – for that you have to wait till they’re in their 20’s or so, then you shall once again be “cool” :-)
    I do have a 7 year old though – who’s still sure I know everything there is to know – I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

    Glad to know you’re still enjoying the blog from Honolulu. Kingsam, Josephine Ayiera, Samuel, Samwiri, Nobrun you’re so quiet hope all is well – Mutunga we look forward to your return from holiday – I’m sure it has been very restful. Summer is also coming to and end here – so it will soon be back to real life

  94. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia

    Talking about Josephine Ayiera. For sure I hope she is well. I wonder what happened to her, The last time she logged in, she said she was heading to Kenya. Lydia, I hope you did not say something that made her forget about the blog. I do miss her contribution. I hope you come back soon Josephine. Lurking is not for you.

  95. Joe says:

    I guess beggars can’t be choosy…

    Finally found a performance video of Les Mangelepa, playing the song Nyako Konya.


    Sorry to say that it is of very recent vintage, and does not record the band in its prime. That’s something I look forward to seeing,, but this is a start. Thought I read somewhere that the KBC has reels of footage, but as of yet it has not been released.

  96. gilly says:


    Asante, though a bit tied up, full participation will stablize in Octoba, ceteris peribus.

  97. gilly says:

    @Jay, Ntwiga familly,

    ref post no 86, 88.

    AKAMBA from Youtube


  98. Lydia says:

    Not at all. I just enjoyed the lively discussions you guys used to have when I was new to the site. I guess the current discussions reminded me of them.
    A request to all: There used to be a song that went “Dunia ina mambo…” I think in the late ’80’s – I don’t even know the group that did it, but I believe it was a Kenyan group – If you have it please share.. Thanks

  99. Tina says:

    Much said about lipua lipua but not their off-shoot of les kamale. Les kamale made a song ‘anifa’ that we would like somebody on this blog to kindly share with us.

  100. Fred says:

    @ Lydia,
    I have one Duniani Kuna Mambo but by DDC, if it is it, I can post it here.

  101. JARIBU says:

    To Esororo,
    Thanks for the feedback. I just realized that the list I posted was an old one and the latest I have has all the songs you added. Are you sure Nono is/was by Bella Bella? I have the song and it came in an LP by Lipua Lipua titled “Les Derniers Success Vol 1.” Contained in the LP are Anifa, Mangaka, and Ma Moke; all of which sound undoubtedly like Lipua Lipua.

    I believe you may be mistaken about Lossa being Llossa. The latter must be a misprint. I have a Melodica (Lipua Lipua Vol. 5) cassette that lists the song as Lossa. I also have a Sonodisc (Lipua Lipua De Nyboma) CD that lists the same song as Lossa. Scroll down this link for a picture of a Lossa vinyl:

    Mbuta obviously sounds like a Bella Bella song and we may have a situation where the composer (possibly Nyboma) carried it along a released it with Lipua Lipua. It appears on the CD by Nyboma & Lipua Lipua titled “Greatest Hits Volume 2.”

    Here is Nono – http://www.sendspace.com/file/81553f

  102. JARIBU says:

    To Tina,

    Here is Anifa by Les Kamale.


  103. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    I hear you bro. One thing you should bear in mind is that this tracks came out in 7 and half inch 45s not 12inch they were never on LPs this was done by Label companys to make money. One thing too is once the band made a track and sold it to the Label company the gave up the rights on the track to the label company. With the history of Bella bella and Lipua Lipua for the Label company would have done anything to sell the LPs.

    With Melodica is just a business name it does not mean anything about misslabeling. I have a few CDs I pick up at Melodica and most of them are misslabeled. Especially, Less Wanyika, Super Wanyika, wanyika Stars and mother of all Simba Wanyika. Most people who do not know the history or who don’t care to find out who did what will just take as it comes. For some of us who knew and followed the bands question. Just like what you are doing. The Geocities are a great source of Info. but are but together just as what you and I are doing.

    The game is Mix it up and sell make money that is all. That is my opinion and I am standing by it.

    Yes, Nono is by Bella Balle is if you listen very well you can hear Soki Vangu, Pepe Kalle and Nyboma. Which means that Soki Vangu and Pepe Kalle were not in Lipu alipua. But Nyboma went back and forth the two bands to record.

    Can you post Ma Moke please.

  104. kabuga says:

    Dear clan members,

    Pls see whether you have these songs and kindly post them here:

    Caiphus Semenya

    a. Mamase (Caiphus Semenya)
    b. Aida (C. Semenya/L. Mbulu/C. Quinta)
    c. Nomalanga (Caiphus Semenya/Letta Mbulu)
    d. Moshanyana (Letta Mbulu/Caiphus Semenya)
    e. Dial Your Number (Caiphus Semenya)
    f. Matswale (Caiphus Semenya)
    g. Ndi-Kulindile (Caiphus Semenya/Letta Mbulu

    Caiphus Semenya

    a. Ziphinkomo (Caiphus Semenya/Letta Mbulu)
    b. Umoya (Caiphus Semenya/Letta Mbulu)
    c. Play With Fire (Caiphus Semenya)
    d. Angelina (Caiphus Semenya/Clarence Charles)
    e. Without You (N. East/C. Evans)
    f. Gumba Boogie (Caiphus Semenya)

    Thanks in advance!

  105. JARIBU says:

    Mis-labelling happens in deed, but that does not mean that your assertions on Lossa and Nono are correct absent of any records confirming them. I have yet to see anywhere where Lossa and Nono are attributed to Bella Bella besides your assertions. Will post Ma Moke later.

  106. Mutunga says:


    Thanks for the info about Nzaya Nzayadio. I’ll resume networking fully this weekend. :)

  107. Robert says:

    Wanted Lipua Lipua’s Nala, Distingue and Kizengezenge

  108. kabuga says:


    That anifa, i had not heard. I have only been listening to lipua lipua – anifa.
    Nyboma sounds so young and almost like Samba Mapangala of the 80s!


  109. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    I don’t remember saying Lossa is by Bella Bella. All I did was say “Lossa is Llossa” post # 89.

    And, Yes Nono is by Bella Bella.

    I hope we all can be Jaribu. I like your persistence. You are putting me to task.

    I hope this helps:



    Apparently they have two different versions.


    #13 Leki ya Mwasi is also Bella Bella

  110. JARIBU says:

    Sorry about the Lossa mispeak. No, you did not imply that it was by Bella Bella, and I still think it is Lossa and not Llossa. I have yet to come accross any literature indicating that it’s Lossa. Are there two Nono’s?

  111. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    Here is another Nono

    Lossa or Llossa time will tell.
    For those wondering about the track here it is:

  112. JARIBU says:

    Thanks for Bella Bella’s Nono. I have listened to it and the one I sent yesterday and I am convinced that mine was done by Lipua Lipua and yours is without a doubt by Bella Bella. Listen to Ma Moke and compare it to Lipua Lipua’s Nono. The two, in addition to the Anifa and Mangaka, sound very similar – somewhat like they were all done in one session – and nothing like what we know as the Bella Bella sound. Yes, Leki Ya Mwasi is one of those that appear both as a Lipua Lipua and a Bella Bella tune but it sounds more Bella Bella than Lipua Lipua.

  113. JARIBU says:

    To All,
    The link provided above (in response #112) is for Lipua Lipua’s Ma Moke.

  114. Jay says:

    @Kabuga on #104. I found all of those tracks on some i tume. I will get them then figure out how to transfer for your collection.

  115. kabuga says:


    Thanks. Will wait.

  116. Lydia says:

    Here you go, this is Lipua Lipua’s Kizengezenge – I don’t have the others


  117. kabuga says:


    Your healthy debate is really helpful. I had not heard ma moke for a long time. That chorus is – wow!

    Asanteni sana.

  118. Tina says:


    Brilliantly done! finally got this lesser known ‘anifa’. Yap, Nyboma’s ever-commanding voice, thanks to you from my family.

  119. Fred says:

    This might remind us of the swet 60’s:

  120. JARIBU says:

    @ Robert.

    Here are the other two songs you asked for: Nala and Distingue, both by Lipua Lipua.

    Nala = http://www.sendspace.com/file/xl69my

    Distingue = http://www.sendspace.com/file/yqloxg

  121. Esororo says:


    Any time bro. Welcome back. We all need your contribution. Especially me, Jaribu is killing me.


    Thank you for Ma Moke it was nice to have it back in my file again.
    On Bella Bella and Lipua Lipua in the yrs 1972-75 it is hard to tell, cause of the band members sounding the same. But we all have the Info. use it and decide for yourself.


    I am happy that you find the debate to be helpful. That is what this blog is all about sharing Info. Sometimes we read something and question ourselves but don’t follow up on it.


    Thank you for Bolingo ya Telephone. For sure it has been long since I heard this track.

  122. Robert says:

    Thanks for Kizengezenge
    Asante for the two Lipua Lipua’s vintages

    You guys are real family, I remember somebody proposing a do of all Ntwigans where beer would flow and our classics play – what happened? We could get serious get this to fruition!

  123. kabuga says:


    Please post the rest of the songs in the LP containing ma moke and nono. Was this done in the mid 80’s?? It sounds late 70’s but then what about the kwasa kwasa chants?

    Nsaya and Luciama combine so well in ma moke.


    BTW – You can get Bopol’s “Because no money” at http://rapidshare.com/files/271379383/BoMa_BeMaJa.rar

  124. Fred says:

    @ Jaribu,
    Thanks for Nala. Any possibility of posting the part 2?

  125. Fred says:

    @ All,
    Name this track: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yd1j8k

  126. Esororo says:


    Thank you for Bopol’s link.


    Here are afew of Kanda Bongo Man.

  127. Lydia says:

    Am enjoying Bolingo ya Telephone – never heard it before nor even of Los Nikelos – can you post something else by them? I like their style alot
    Thanks for that version of Anifa – another one I never heard before. Your discussion with Esororo has had me doing homework and school has not even started! I think the way the Zairois/Congolese bands operated is unique, you don’t see it with other groups. Musicians moving back and forth, Whole chunks forming new groups, groups changing names sometimes multiple times etc – I have learned alot.
    That would be quite a global party!

  128. JARIBU says:

    @ Kabuga.

    Here are the other two songs on the Lipua Lipua LP “Les Derniers Success Vol 1″: Anifa and Mangaka. The other two, which I have shared in the last few days, are Nono and Ma Moke.

    Anifa = http://www.sendspace.com/file/dhdugr

    Mangaka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/szy2gt

  129. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred.
    Unfortunately I do not have part 2 of Nala.

  130. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred on post #125.
    Thanks for that lovely mysterious song. Never heard it until today, and it has so many things going on. I keep hearing the words ‘kamalangu’ (could also be Kamalango) and ‘kanisaka’ and one of them may end up being the title. The song sounds like a Stukas, minus Lita Bembo (I do not hear his voice) or it could be an off-shoot of Stukas. I also keep hearing unfamiliar names, except for one; Bola. Bola was with Stukas. Another recurring theme is the mention of “Le Professeur’ and Stukas had one by the name of Samunga. Other names I hear in the song are: Lumbwe, Tsiala, Kamba, Manusi, Mbila and Ngombe. Does anyone know who these guys are?

  131. Fred says:

    @ Jaribu,
    The group is “Los Nickelos de Zato, Zizi & Jo Rino” and here is another one by them:

  132. Robert says:

    Indeed that Nala pt 1 is just jaribu, pity pt 2 cannot be found


    Yes , I cannot agree with you more #127 it would be a global party, anyway should be, think about having it pipeline.


    Bolingo ya telephone I guess is love through the phone? Reminds of the my Dad’s young than now days, I played it for him should have been there to see! A real turn back of the clock. That was a clincher!!

  133. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Hello Ntwiga Clan Members,

    Hope all is well with you. I have not been here for a while due to a family illness – my six year old daughter is not well and we have been visiting the hospital a lot and will be for the next few months, possibly years. I will however be lurking now and again as the music you guys post here gives me some solace from my worries. I had promised to upload some Mopero songs or send them to Steve but every time I have tried the process seems to take forever so I give up as I am constantly short of time these days. I will though take the time this weekend and email them to Steve so he can upload. Otherwise keep the good work up everyone.


  134. Tina says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. There’s a group of prolific music posters on this blog, you know who you are. Remember every music you post here does remind folks of a time, place, and activity in their life. Samuel my heart goes out to you, ’cause my father does sometimes breakdown when he listens to this music and he goes back in time to either happier or sad days. We’re blessed to have people on this blog so keen to share rare African music. I’m glad this sort of music is impacting positively on people’s family lives. Kudos! to all of you, and Samuel, I wish your daughter gets well soon.

  135. Nithya says:

    Hello, we are your world music neighbors, just beginning to explore our neighborhood. Come say hello!


  136. Fred says:

    This is for Tina: Veve – Belina

  137. Esororo says:


    Well wishes your way brother for your daughter. We will keep her in our prayers.

  138. JARIBU says:

    So what’s the name of the Nichelos song?

  139. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred,
    I am now confused. In post #125 you asked us to name a tune labeled Lipua Lipua, a song you latter informed us was by Los Nickelos de Zato, Zizi & Jo Rino (post 131).

  140. Lydia says:

    @ Samwiri
    Please recieve best wishes and our prayers for the recovery of your baby girl.
    Welcome aboard – I hope you find as much enjoyment and learning as I have sharing here.

  141. Fred says:

    @ Jaribu,
    A misunderstanding. I had not read your comment in # 130.
    I want the ID of the tune in #125. Sorry for the confusion. As of #131, I just posted another song by Los Nickelos de Zato, Zizi & Jo Rino; some one asked for another song by the group. I must admit, I got mixed up. I now see it is Lydia who asked for another track by them. Otherwise, I am looking for the ID of the track in #125.

  142. Lydia says:

    Thanks for that additional Los Nickelos song – I was interested in finding out more info on the group, theres really not much online but I did come accross this blog – it appears not to be being updated but it has some nice tracks on it

  143. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Tina, Esororo and Lydia,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Back to the music, I have been tryign to send the Shama Shama tracks to Steve for him to upload but files are too big. I have broken them down, compressed them and still cannot send them through. I will try sendspace but have not used it before and if you guys have any shortcut instructions , I’d appreciate you sharing. Otherwise happy to send a CD to one of you to do the honours.


  144. David Ochan says:

    @ LYDIA
    Thanks a lot sister for making my week with MR. AGOYA. Those were the days we had fanfastis Jaluo musics where some guitarists surpassed the rythms of Vata Mombassa.
    Please send some more of the same stocks if you fave them. These may include;
    Mr. Agoya Part 2
    Mangeny Okello Tabu
    Mary Awitti
    Oluoch Kanindo
    Simeon Aloo

    Sorry for your daughter. I wish her a quick recovery.
    Next time you are coming down London let me know and we may compare archives.
    As for the Mopero songs, can you name the tunes so that I post them for the Clans (I might have most of Mopero’s songs in my archive).

  145. JARIBU says:

    Does anyone have part two of Koliya Ya Mpesa by Bana Ngenge? Here is part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jjb6t5

  146. Nobrun says:

    Big Rochereau fan here. Great tunes at # 140. Thank you.

  147. Nobrun says:

    When I play Nala at # 120, there’s an ending song right before Nala starts playing. Which song is that? Can you post it if you have it? Thanx.

  148. Robert says:

    @ Samwiri

    My prayers for your daughter, hope she gets well soon.

    @ Nobrun
    That ending song is Temperature by Lipua Lipua will try and post it for you

  149. kabuga says:


    Your daughter will be ok – God has solution to EVERYTHING.


    Am patiently waiting for Caiphus/Letta Mbulu stuff.

  150. Samuel (Samwiri0 says:


    I am in London most Mondays, Wed and Thursday with an overnight stay on Wed night. May vary some weeks. The Tunes I have are

    Bagambo ya mwana moto,
    Baseli Ngai Likata
    Mama aye
    Mopaya Zola
    Kento Emancipee
    Vicky Shama
    Okomi Klangua
    Gina Realite

    There are a few others as well I willdid them out.

    Guys again thanks for the kind words. Will keep you updated on how daughter responds to treatment in a few months time.

  151. JARIBU says:

    @ Nobrun.

    Here is Lipua Lipua’s Temperature.

    Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/wd3qf0

    Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/2qn0uf

  152. Jay says:

    @ Esororo. I invoke the benevolence of our Ancestors to behold beneficence upon your daughter.

    @ Kabuga. I am in the middle of working on your request. Have to switch between many formats, type the names one by one and then figure out how to post for all. Hopefully soon.

  153. Jay says:

    @ Esororo. I was Etsi on af online.

  154. Esororo says:

    @ Jay
    Samuel is the one that has a daughter that is not well.

  155. Esororo says:

    @ Jay & Kabuga
    I have the Caiphus Semenya tracks if you don’t mind going through the switching between many formats.

  156. Nobrun says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for Temperature. Brought back good memories.

  157. Jay says:

    @Kabuga. I invoke the benevolence of our Ancestors to behold beneficence upon your daughter.

    @Esororo. Thanks for correcting me. Please post the music for Kabuga and the clan to enjoy. By the way, please quote the above for our bro, Kabuga.

    @All. I suffer from assuming that everyone here is in the US but a few of the last posts have opened my eyes. Again, learning!!!

  158. kabuga says:


    Thanks, but it is Samuel who has a daughter who is unwell. We pray and trust that she will be fine soon.

    @Esororo, pls kindly lets have these stuff.

    @ALL, For the record, i perhaps could be the only clan member operating from my motherland – Kenya. Am honoured – or aren’t i??

  159. David Ochan says:

    These are some of Mopero’s hits.

  160. David Ochan says:

    MOPERO 2

    PAMAPHI (a.c. Yeamphy Makenge a.k.a Coco Zigo Mike)

  161. Robert says:

    @ Kabuga

    I get confused when people say motherland- is it birth, ancestral or descent land? I was born in Kenya lived there for good part of my life and now am in Uganda. I feel more Kenyan than Ugandan now tell me which is my motherland??

  162. kabuga says:

    @Robert, i guess motherland would go with ancestral – however, i must admit that i am not an expert in these matters ie domicil etc…

    In my post, i meant the country that my parents and i were born and reside.

    As with your case, were your ancestors Ugandan? Are your parents Ugandan or Kenyan. There were many Ugandans born here during Amin’s days and who later returned to Uganda. In my view, Uganda is their motherland. Is Obama, Kenya his motherland? It gets complicated now…..fatherland???

    It would seem to be a matter of preference like in the case of marseille desailly – former french soccer team player. Born in Ghana, mother stays in Ghana but opted for French citizenship – for bread and butter reasons- i guess.

  163. Lydia says:

    @Robert and Kabuga
    I think home is where the heart is and where the memories are. Where is the place you think of when you think of home – the place that evokes feelings of home?
    To me its where you spent your early formative years – because even in your own country say Kenya – if you grew up in Nairobi, even though your ancestors are from another part of the country where you’ve never lived – then you’re most likely to feel Nairobi is home rather than a place in which you have no real connection except for occasional visits.

  164. Tina says:

    We have ‘belina’, but very bad sound. You bet we’re dancing to the cavacha, we’re a veve powerhouse, appreciate this wonderful sound.

  165. Fred says:

    @ Tina;
    Veve opened my eyes to Congolese (then Zairian) music. I attended his live perfomance in 1973 in Masaka town, Uganda and I loved it. Since then I bought and collected everything Veve. Although, there are still some tracks of his that I lack, but slowly via blogs like this one, I will get them. I never loose hope. Feel free to ask for some Veve you remember; if I have it I will give it.

  166. JARIBU says:

    Here’s my top-seven Veve songs.
    1. Lukani
    2. Mikolo Mileki Mingi
    3. Mwana Mburu
    4. Zonga Andowe
    5. Yanini
    6. Mangala
    7. Ndona

    What’s yours?

  167. Esororo says:

    @ To All

    Formerly self-exiled from South Africa in the 1960s, Caiphus Semenya has built a solid reputation as a musical director and composer, working with his wife, vocalist Letta Mbulu, as well as with a variety of other exiled and semi-exiled African artists, such as Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba. Moving to Los Angeles, Semenya found himself working with and composing for a broad range of jazz and pop artists, including Lou Rawls, Nina Simone and Cannonball Adderley, his facility with both jazz and African forms serving him well.

    Semenya’s Los Angeles stay also yielded an ongoing collaboration with Quincy Jones, resulting in Semenya providing African compositions for the scores to Roots (both parts) and Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of The Color Purple. He later worked on the score to Disney’s The Lion King. After his return to South Africa in 1990, he composed scores for Molo Fish, Vicious Circle and Gaba Mootho, three series broadcast by the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation. He continues to work in America, Europe and Africa in a variety of capacities, including with Letta Mbulu as Caiphus & Letta. He is an executive producer for Quincy Jones’ Qradio website, for which he also writes a regular column. ~ Steven McDonald, All Music Guide.



    This folder needs some IDing

  168. Jay says:

    @Samwiri. Excuse my circuitous way of sending the blessings to you.

    @Robert, Kabuga, Lydia. Home is a complicated issue and your discussion above magnified it for me. Kenya needs to let people hold dual citizenship.

    @ALL. Where is Steve?

  169. Jay says:

    @Esororo. Thank you.

  170. Robert says:

    @ Lydia, Kabuga and Jay so you see how it gets tricky! Jay cannot agree with you more ,citizenship should be of one preference and unlimited(dual is insuffficient). But for the moment the Clan really makes feel at Home

  171. Jay says:

    Can I please pay Kudos to my Luo people!!. You have really pushed the development of Kenyan music. I wish that I knew the language because some of those songs speak to my soul just like Lingala. I am giving credit where it is due.

    @Robert. I agree that this is home. Since Africa online, I have never been so dedicated to a place like Ntwiga. I love it and always learn!

  172. Robert says:

    @ ALL

    Wanted Franco’s ADZA

  173. Tina says:

    Guys! this debate about ‘home’ is mesmerizing. I like the way Lydia summed it, well put sister. I was born in Africa but has lived half my life in the West. At 27 friends ask me why I listen to old school African music. I tell them I am the last born in a family of seven and has nieces who are older than me. The music my parents and siblings listened to growing up in Africa is the music in my itunes library. This includes playlists like Africa dance, swahili rumba, congolese rumba, reggae, 80s pop/rock, R&B/pop/rap/hip hop, soukous, club mix, etc. I’m more like a sandwich generation – love both my worlds but the place for me where I’m stationed and from which missions start and end is Africa, as Lydia said, ‘home is where the heart is”; where one’s roots are.

  174. JARIBU says:

    @ Robert,
    Here is Franco’s Azda.

    Franco & TPOK Jazz – Azda = http://www.sendspace.com/file/dwr4t2

  175. Robert says:


    Asante Sana

  176. kabuga says:


    Thanks for Caiphus link though i have been unable to download so far. It seems to be quite big but i will keep trying. The second link is fine with Anna Mwale et al.

    Nice weekend everyone!

  177. Abdullah says:

    I’m looking for “Nike Bwe” by Lipua Lipua if someone there kind enough to post it here.


  178. gilly says:

    @African Music Fans

    Can someone post on this site John Ngereza’s tracks: 1. MAMA MZAZI, 2. SIONI WALA SISIKII, 3. KABIBI, and, 4. ZAINA?

    Im missing these great hits of 1990s.

  179. Tina says:

    To all,
    I’m kindly looking for 4Etoilles’ ‘samba, coup de fil, or makini’. Also, if you guys have good quality sound of Les Wanyika’s ‘pamela and paulina’, please post for me. My copies have an irritating crackling sound in the background. Otherwise enjoy the weekend.

  180. Abdullah says:

    I’m looking for “Nike Bwe” by Lipua Lipua if someone there kind enough to post it here.

    Coup De Fil: http://www.sendspace.com/file/judigg
    Samba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8qw65e

  181. Tina says:

    Well-done, Abdullah! I think I’m going to have a smashing weekend. Thank you.

  182. Esororo says:

    @ Tina


    Are sure it is 4 Etoilles makini.
    I have Bikini by Mayaula Mayoni and some of the 4 Etoiles members are in it. Mainly Syran M’benza. Try it.

  183. Abdullah says:


    Thanks a bunch.

  184. Esororo says:

    @ Jay

    I thought you should look at this. Been arround for a while since 1999.


    Let me know what you think….

  185. gilly says:


    Post No. 192 above

    There are two ORIGINAL Pamela tracks on the list; Pamela by Simba Wanyika (1970s) is No 2 and by Les Wanyika (early1980s) is No 3. They are both written by Prof Omar Shaaban (RIP). Hear the richness, here the difference, terrific! I always go with the ORIGINAL.

    The two NOT ORIGINAL versions are Pamela (No. 1 in lte list) by Les Wanyika (in 1998 Amigo Lp) and No 4 by Simba Wanyika in their Pepea Lp recorded in Holland in 1992.


    I would kindly remind you of my request, post 182 above.

  186. Esororo says:

    @ Gilly

    Don’t feel left out.
    Here you go. Zaina – Zainabu, MAMA MZAZI – Wazazi. I don’t know if they did a track KABIBI.


  187. Fred says:

    @ All
    I am looking for this track by Vijana Jazz: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jm5klb

  188. Fred says:

    @ Tina,
    I think you mean Makani = http://www.sendspace.com/file/69urqz

  189. Abdullah says:


    Thanks a lot for the clarification.

    I’m missing tracks “Ubaya Hauna Cheo” and “Maisha Ni Mapambano” by Les Wanyika from the album Amigo.

    Also, I’m missing tracks “Wenzako” and “Maria” by Simba Wanyika from the album Pepea.

    If someone can post these I would be very happy, thanks.

  190. gilly says:


    Ubaya hauna Cheo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36PELP3-gX0&feature=related


    Asante, SIONI WALA SISIKII is the real thing, not the rest, though im dancing to the tracks, Im also sure members of Ntwiga blog will enjoy the great post.

    ZAINA is in Les Wanyika Lp released in 1995 by Matunda Productions, Nairobi, more info here: http://www.ntwiga.net/blog/?p=128, post 12,13

    MAMA MZAZI was released around1990,..lyric goes.. nimekua mama niache nitembee ee, niteseke ndio nijue dunia ee, na Dunia mume ni tabu usilie mama………
    Other tracks in the lp include Weekend, Lift kwa Jirani, Jina langu MAMBO (Mambo Mbotela?) ,Etc.

    KABIBI was a great hit by Les Wanyika released (1988/9?). It was a flag carrier of the Lp, having also Mama Carol, Ema, and Penzi ni Damu.

    Zainabu posted here is By Issa Juma, Wanyika Stars, and Wazazi is by Les Wanyika, in Sina Makosa LP (1979)

  191. kabuga says:


    Thanks for Caiphus and Letta. Am really enjoying! Asante.

  192. kabuga says:


    Zainabu is so NOSTALGIC! Thanks bro.

  193. kabuga says:


    Interesting stuff here http://likembe.blogspot.com/2009/07/from-congo-to-kenya-pt-2.html

    I have looked for that banangenge song for long. The guitarwork was flawless!

  194. Jay says:

    @Esororo. Thanks for the link and I will check it out.

    @Kabuga. Since you are at home, do you think you can find the song Kila siku, kila siku Kariobangi?

  195. Esororo says:

    @ Gilly
    Thank you for the info.

    @ Kabuga

    @ Abdullah

    @ Fred
    Thank you for Makani.

  196. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia

    I hope you have not gone under a rock again.

  197. Abdullah says:

    You are a star, thanks a lot man.

  198. Robert says:

    @ALL wanted Lipua Lipua’s Se-kizenge

    @ Lydia
    It is been a while since some lines from you were ;ast seen here. Have you found another place where your “heart is”?
    Hope all is ok?

    @ Samuel
    How is our daughter doing?

  199. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Hello Clan members,

    This has to be longest thread by far. Really interesting and the memories it reawakens are amazing. It is incredible how a song can trigger vivid memories. The songs flood me with warm memories of the night journey from Kampala to Nairobi on the “Akamba” bus as a kid with my parents and using the radio cassette to record off the fm band, as our Kampala fm was temperamental.

    Lydia my daughter has just started on some “ACE” inhibitors and will e taking those for a long time until the consultant thinks she is big enough to have an operation. We are currently in the process of rebalancing our lifestyle to make sure that one of us is always around during the school days should something happen. She is coping with it in her own way, but then kids always do.

    Everyone thanks for all the kind messages.

    Guys keep up the brilliant work!


  200. Tina says:

    To all,
    Wasn’t able to blog this weekend, but was anxious to get back on site. Much shouts to Esororo, Fred, Abdullah, & Gilly. You’re all truly knowledgeable, who would have thought a mispelling of a song name would actually lead to finding of another wanted one ‘Bikini’. Got two in one; Esororo you’re right about the featured ex-Sam Mangwana masters Syran Mbenza and Bopol Mansiamina on the ‘Sangonini’ album, not sure about the lead solo on ‘makani’. Abdullah, thanks so much for the post and Gilly for sorting it out. I usually keep all song versions but prefer to listen to the original, you know what I mean – African beef vs European.

    Great job guys! and good luck to you, Samuel.

  201. Jay says:

    @Samwiri. Steve can give you my e-mail address and let’s chat.

  202. Robert says:

    @ Esororo

    Thanks a bunch – in the song Sekizenge features Nzaya Nzayadio at his best as a lead vocalist. His skills were unmatched then.

    Glad to hear from you and more so the progress your daughter is doing.

  203. Lydia says:

    @ Esororo and Robert
    No I’m not lost or under any rock – its just that my carefree days of frolicking in the sun are over :-) ie Summer break has ended and I’m back at work and school …sigh … It was great while it lasted. Thanks for asking.
    The summer break ended on a really nice note when a friend invited my family to dinner and we spent the evening shaking a leg to his awesome collection of LP’s and 45’s many of which have been shared here – I’m glad there are so many passionate collectors of African music out there – for sure it’ll never die.

  204. Tina says:


    Hi Fred, do you have an uninterrupted version of ‘Makani’, ’cause when I play it the really juicy part is missing. Or may be the problem is with downloading the song from sendspace, kindly confirm and have a nice weekend.

  205. Fred says:

    I do not have anything different. Try downloading again; possibly it was messed up in the download.

  206. gilly says:


    Post 203,; Please from the same LP by Quatre Etoiles, can u post the tracks ENFANT BAMILEKE and PAPY SODOLO. The first is more heart-touchy though i dont understand what they say.

    Thank you for continued sharing.

  207. Abdullah says:


    Can someone read this comment?

  208. gilly says:


    Asante brother

  209. Robert says:


    As sikukuu is around the corner, this Kitenge Cha Sikukuu might interest you!


  210. gilly says:



    @David Ochwan

    post 57 , 80

  211. Alex Engwete says:

    The first track Salongo is by the Congolese band leader Nyboma and his band Les Kamale. It was released in 1975. Salongo is a Lingala word for work (another word for work is mosala).
    Salongo was a slogan of Mobutu who wanted at the time to promote agricultural production. Mobutu is in fact mentioned in the lyrics of the song. The song thus qualifies as a propaganda piece. Then again, Congolese music is multi-faceted–with main sub-genres of religious, publicity, love, and political songs… Kamale is also the title of a famous song by the same band, sung by the late Pepe Kalle with Nyboma. Later on the band changed its name to Lipua-Lipua

  212. Alex Engwete says:

    Here’s the translation of the first few lines of the song; I didn’t clear out the repetitions; note the name of Mobutu and his signature Authenticity policy by the end of quotation.

    <blockquote cite=”Moto na moto = Each one
    Abongisa = Has to do the right thing
    Salongo ye ye ye = Work
    Salongo batata = Work, men
    Salongo ye ye ye = Work
    Salongo bamaman = Work, women
    Tokata bilanga = Let’s clear fields
    Tolona masangu = Let’s sow corn
    Toteka londunda ye ye ye = Let’s sell vegetables
    Mosala bilanga = Field work
    Bakoko batikela biso ye ye ye = Ancestors bequeathed it to us
    Tobongisa = Let’s do the right thing
    Salongo ye ye ye = Salongo
    Salongo batata = Salongo, men
    Salongo bamaman = Salongo, women
    Tokata bilanga= Let’s clear field
    Tolona masangu = Let’s sow corn
    Toteka londunda ye ye ye = Let’s sell vegetables
    Mosala bilanga = Field work
    Bakoko batikela biso ye ye ye = Ancestors bequeathed it to us
    Tobongisa = Let’s do the right thing
    L’Athenticité ee = Authenticity [Mobutu’s afrocentrist policy]
    Ekoloba eee = Says
    Tata Mobutu akoloba eee = Father Mobutu says [or tells us]
    Tosala mosala ye ye ye = To work
    Tobongisa ekolo = To do the right thing
    Tobongisa mboka = To develop the country”>

  213. Alex Engwete says:

    Oops… sorry for messing up the XHTML code for quotations…

  214. Alex Engwete says:


    Tobongisa ekolo = Let’s do the right thing to/develop our nation
    Tobongisa mboka = Let’s develop our country…

    Sorry for crowding the comments.

  215. Tina says:

    These were my father’s exact words when I played ‘kitenge’to him, ‘are you kidding me!’, he said it reminded him about the vibe of the period when he was teaching and moonlighting as a tailor for both men’s kitenge shirts and women’s fashions. He loved it so greatly.

  216. gilly says:

    @Alex Engwete

    Thank you for the translation

    Salongo was composed in Kenya in 1980. This was a time when Prof Yusuph Lule replaced Iddi Amin in Uganda. They mention Lule, Moi and Mobutu throughout the song. The music is fast…mixture of Kenyan Benga beats and Zairean kavacha and soukous.

    Kamale was 1970s band playing Kavacha in Zaire.

    Super Bwambe seems to be the band behind SALONGO and another similar hit, ATIKAPO

  217. Jay says:

    Thank You!!! The Kenyan Parliament is finally acting to curb presidential excesses. Now only if they can act to cut their salaries. It was great to read about the roads being repaired yesterday. Iteere is up to a good start by enforcing the Michuki rules. There is hope if all of us follow the rule of law. I supported Raila but I am angry at him for stating that he will take a stance to save Mau but then starts to act like a coward.

  218. JARIBU says:

    @ Alex,

    You may have missed earlier posts on this thread that cleared the air on the song Salongo. This particular version was done by Orch. Bwambe Bwambe. Did Nyboma produce another version?
    Your history of Lipua Lipua and Kamale seems to be different from what I have read previously. Lipua Lipua grew from a split of Bella Bella (Nyboma and some members left Bella Bella to form Lipua Lipua) and Les Kamale came about after Nyboma left Lipua Lipua.

  219. Alex Engwete says:

    @ Jaribu:

    I never heard of the band Bwambe Bwambe, and thanks for the info. It’s possible they made a cover of Nyboma’s song… I was recently doing research at the Library of Congress and reading the microfilm of the 1975 Kinshasa daily Salongo. And in its issue of May 1, 1975, the newspaper mentions the following songs as just been released (and I copied the info): 1) Cherie Bondowe (by Mayaula Mayoni and TP OK Jazz); 2) Mbelengo (by Bimi Ombale and Zaiko); 3) Elimu Santu (by Mbayu Wetu and Super Bella-Bella); 4) Botuli (by Ya Okenge and GO Malebo) and 5) Salongo (by Nyboma and Les Kamale)… I was just conveying the info I had at my disposal… I’d trust, however, your info on the history of the band Lipua Lipua.

    @ Gilly:
    You state: “They mention Lule, Moi and Mobutu throughout the song”
    Do you mean in the song Salongo?
    In 2006, I was one night at the Gypsy’s Bar in the Westlands neighborhood of Nairobi when they played a Congolese song. There was a theme that kept on coming back in the song. It was: “Moi na Butu”–which in Lingala means “Day and Night”… And a Kenyan friend thought it was President Moi and Mobutu!…

  220. JARIBU says:

    @ Alex,

    Your information could be correct for a search on google of “Les Kamale+Salongo” yields a result. I would like to get my hands on this song. In the meantime I hope it’s not a mispelling of Salanga (see link).

    Les Kamale’s Salanga = http://www.sendspace.com/file/8eqt7z

  221. gilly says:


    Yes they mention their names in the song ….ARAP MOI….PAPA MOBUTU….YUSUPH LULE. Remember Prof Lule came to power in 1979 immediately after Iddi Amin was overthrown by Tanzanian army. As you correctly translated above, SALONGO means Work. Work is LIFE, many people sings in praise of work, but this particular track is a kenyan made.
    Nyboma’s tenor voice speaks by itself, it is not in “this particular” salongo.

    I enjoy Nyboma singing:

  222. JARIBU says:

    @ Alex

    Here are two other Bwambe Bwambe songs. You will notice that they sound very similar to some Baba Nationale tunes, and that’s because the group, like Mangelepa and Pepelepe, broke away from Baba Gaston’s band.

    Bwambe Bwambe (self-titled) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ox5tlw

    Atikapo (part 1 not available) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/t9wakv

  223. gilly says:

    Thanks Jaribu for the clariffication.

    Clip: Below is the the ATIKAPO I know…..


  224. David Ochan says:

    @ Gilly

    I did not understand that message of yours at post 221.
    You seem to be asking me for posts 57 and 80?

    @ Alex

    SALONGO (the one you translated) was composed by Bwambe Bwambe in Kenya in 1979.
    The song referred to presidents MOBUTU, ARAP MOI (Harambee, Nyayo) and YUSUF LULU (Uganda National = UNLF). Although SALONGO can be translated as WORK, its intended meaning is DEVELOPMENT.
    There are several songs composed by different Congolese bands with the titles SALONGO. In most of these songs, they sing ” SALONGO ALINGA MOSALA” = Development needs (likes, requires) work.
    Hear this one by Johnny Bokelo singing about Development in 1969. It is called



    Also in those good days, if band members were splitting, they would compose a nice song as a farewell for the splitting team.
    Thus when LIPUA LIPUA (headed by Danos Canter Nyboma Muana Dido Mbuta) was splitting from BELLA BELLA (headed by Soki Vangu), Bella Bella composed “Lipua Lipua” as a farewell. Likewise, when Nyboma was moving away from Lipua Lipua (now headed by Denewade Vata Mombasa) to form KAMALE, Lipua Lipua composed “Kamale”. They also composed “Fuga Fuga” when Mulembu Tshibau was leaving Lipua Lipua to set up FUGA FUGA.
    In Kenya, Baba Gaston (of Baba National) composed ZAI ZAI as a farewell for Mangelepa (headed by Le Capitaine Bwamy Walumona and Kabila Kabanze Evani).



  225. gilly says:


    Brother, its just a reminder if you are still having YAYO NINI.

  226. David Ochan says:

    @ Gilly
    Sorry for the delay with YAYO NINI. My house is still upside down.
    Soon I’ll sort out the tapes (a few dozens) and post YAYO NINI.

  227. Alex Engwete says:

    @ Gilly:
    Thanks a lot for the info.
    @ David Ochan:
    Thanks for the clarification.
    @ JARIBU:
    Thanks for the links, man. This Bwambe-Bwambe group got grooves!
    Thanks to all…

  228. Vince says:

    Does anyoe have the lyrics for the following by Maroon commandos? :

    Sine Ndoe, Uvivu ni mbaya, Christina.

    Thanks in advance.



  229. Tina says:

    To all,
    Could someone kindly post this song for me, ‘Kikulacho’ by Mr Nice from TZ. We are also still searching for Tabora Jazz Band’s ‘fitina’, anyone please do the honours. I love their ‘Mariam Mpenzi’ and would really love to get ‘fitina’ as well.

  230. gilly says:


    Pse visit this link:

  231. JARIBU says:

    You can listen to Fitina on the site linked below.

    Tabora Jazz’s Fitina = http://www.kenyans.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=69914

  232. Lydia says:

    @ Robert
    Thanks for Kitenge cha Sikukuu – we’re getting the holiday playlist ready already.

  233. Tina says:

    Thanks, I was at this site a while ago with my sister sampling out oldies, came accross ‘fitina’ and really liked it. I would like to have this song on my ‘on the go’ playlist
    I have a copy of ‘mariamu mpenzi’ already, instead if you have ‘fitina’ by the same group that will be great.

  234. Lydia says:


    here is Fitina Mbaya – a mono version. I guess thats what it was then


    Leo nimechoka – Rabai Boys


  235. Tina says:

    This is it, thanks so much for it, God Bless.

  236. Fred says:

    To all. This http://www.sendspace.com/file/z6xp0x Bella Bellla track reminds of my teens and the good music of the then years that will never fade out of my memory. The good 70’s. Enjoy.

  237. Jay says:

    @Fred. Thank you so much for Menga. I was shaking my leg in a rapid and drunken pattern. Ai! pwana io niya nyumbani!! My love for music is still in its infancy still since the knowledge base at this site is advanced. Often the posts are music that I did not even know existed.
    @How come we don’t have a Luambo Chair of music at our universities or even a highway/street in his honor?

  238. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Thanks for Bella Bella’s FOLIE ROSE. The Voices of Pepe Kalle and Nyboma drawns out that of Kanda Bongo Man (Zambongo). And the Base guitar is just fantastic.

  239. Lydia says:

    @Fred and all …. thanks for the music. I usually play my music while working after my students leave and one of my co-workers heard it and asked for some. He is convinced that listening to it has shaved some years off and restored his spirits to make him more youthful :-)

  240. Tina says:

    Do you have ‘paulina’ by les wanyika, I don’t mind an original version or a remake, ’cause my copy sounds warped/scratched out. Kindly help. Or anyone else with a good sounding one for that matter. Thanks guys.

  241. Abdullah says:


    I have posted Paulina before and the link is below:

  242. Tina says:

    Thanks, as always appreciate it.

  243. Dennis says:

    I am looking for English translations of the following songs:-

    Weekend – Afro Band
    Nzele – Madilu System

    Can someone assist.

  244. Tina says:

    This is ‘dada asha’, doesn’t sound like stuff by Tabora Jazz, unfortunately no lyrics in the song itself, can anyone of you gurus figure this out for me. We figured it’s a remake of TJB in late 70s, but by who?.


  245. JARIBU says:

    To Dennis,
    The song Weekend is in Swahili (Kiswahili) while the other is in Lingala with probably with some French in it. Since I do not understand French and/or Lingala, I will offer my translation for the first song only.
    The song is a celebration of the Weekend and the lyrics are actually very minimal. You will repeatedly hear the word ‘Tufurahi’ which means several things in Swahili: happy, pleased, glad, rejoice or enjoy. The singer is asking the listeners to rejoice and enjoy the weekend. He urges the listener to dance to “Rumba” (a musical genre or dance style) with joy. He then proceeds to name the musicians in the band (bassist, rhythm player, saxophone player etc.). Believe it or not, that’s all there is to that song.
    For a translation on the other song try visiting a Congolese site.
    Below is a link to the song.

    Afro 70 Band – Weekend = http://www.sendspace.com/file/qy0d4m

  246. Esororo says:

    Hello People,

    The remake was with Western Jazz Band


  247. Dennis says:

    To Jaribu

    Thank you very much. You have made my day. How enjoyable it is now to listen to the song!

  248. Tina says:

    Yap! love their song ‘rosa’ ie Western Jazz. Have a little bit of ‘rosa’ in ‘Nairobi Nights’, but do you have a full length version by WJB, if you do, kindly post for me and any other hits by WJB. Thanks for the infor.

  249. Tina says:

    @Esororo & Fred,
    Might you know these or perhaps have them! Narudi Nyumbani by Remmy Ongala, and Neema by DDC MPO. I have also posted a search on Likembe.

  250. Esororo says:

    @ Tina

    Sorry I don’t have the remake track.


    I will post Neema and Narudi Nyumbani later today

  251. Olupot Egoing says:

    I bumped onto this site, and I have never been captivated as I was going through the music, some of which refused to be downloaded though.

    @ FRED
    In response to Blog 13:
    This song is not AFFAIRE SEMEKI, but NALELI ZIZI played by the same Champro King, and is indeed on the B side of Affaire Semeki.

    Please try your best with your friend, and if you are successful, share with us AFFAIRE SEMEKI.

    @ ALL
    There is this song whose name I don’t remember but has some lyrics like “Nsenene papa ah ngai na leli yo yoka…… Mabwana ya siku hizi, ni ya wongo oooh ….. ”
    The lead singer apparently has a bass voice like that of Moreno Batamba. Someone suggested to me that it was a song played by Orchestre Kabatca????
    Would to God that someone who has could upload it!

  252. Tina says:

    Well-done, no idea Ongala has Congolese roots. Names can be deceiving. Nevertheless, his music is great. Thanks for the post.

  253. joji says:

    Shukrani tu kwa nyimbo zake Remmy Ongala!

    Kwa bahati nzuri labda utakuwa na ‘Mambo kwa soksi’ pia. Naomba utupe!

    Dakta Remmy alikuwa nabii (bahati mbaya : jangwani …)

  254. Esororo says:

    @ joji

    This are funny tracks. No wonder things got out of control. Listen and make sense of what they are talking about.



  255. joji says:

    Shukrani tu! Thank you very much.

    Yes! This is the song!!! Two different versions? In the first I recognize Dakta Remmy’s voice only at the end. And at the start of both a bit is missing?

    A pity the sound quality is not that nice. But is is better than nothing.

    ” Later…..” If you have more, kindly share.

    Tena : asante sante. Nyimbo zinazofanya ufikiri …

  256. Abdullah says:


    That “Asha” by “Orchestra Matimila Jazz” sounds more like “Azza”, it’s either that or I have a serious problem with my ears!!

    Also, is there any releation between “Orchestra Matimila Jazz” and “Orchestra Super Matimila”?!


  257. Esororo says:

    @ Abdullah

    It may be “Azza” but it is labeled “Asha” on the 45. About you ears, I have to take a look at them to see what the serious problem might be.

    The bands official Name is Orchestra Super Matimila, but it is also known Orchestra Matimila Jazz or Orchestra Matimila Band either way.

    Please see the link on post 264.

    I hope your ears get better soon bro…

    Good day.

  258. waby says:

    @ everybody keep up the good work it is truly appreciated

    I am one of those lurkers of many years occasionally I do post the rare comment but unfortunately have no music to share, having been a late convert to congolese music. But I have fond memories of those VoK days and this site makes me nostalgic.
    I have couple of requests:
    Does anyone have this song “Marie Wandaka”?
    I don’t know who the musicians were
    part of the lyrics were

    Mi naomba aaaa
    Mi naomba uwe bibi yangu
    tuzae matunda ya mapenzi
    watoto pamoja na faraha aaa

    Next request is for “Angela” by Franco I have not found it in my local music stores not even on you tube

    I would really appreciate if I could get those two songs


  259. JARIBU says:

    @ Wabi
    Here is Angela on Youtube = http://www.livevideo.com/video/213579AF834743BCA8348AAAC6E41F39/tpok-jazz-angela.aspx

    I know that I have this song in my library (I have played it many times before, just did not pay attention to the title) but I cannot find it under “Angela.” Chances are that it’s mis-labelled or it’s under a different name. There are a few songs that were given different names; the one that comes to mind is “Munzi” (Musi), which also goes by “Liyanzi Ekoti Ngai Na Motema.” If you can figure out what, if any, other name it goes by I can search for it in my database.

  260. Abdullah says:

    @Waby & Jaribu

    The song name is “Pesa Position”

  261. Abdullah says:


    I just found a better copy of “Paulina” by Les Wanyika:


  262. JARIBU says:

    @ Abdullah,
    Thanks for unravelling the mystery. I tried listening to as many songs as I could to figure it out, but only listened to a different Pesa Position (Pesa Position Na Yo) and came out convinced that it was not the same as Angela. Below is a link to that version of Pesa Position.

    TPOK – Pesa Position Na Yo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/fzfxcl

  263. Esororo says:

    It has been 20 years since the “Sorcerer of the Guitar” Quit making music and checked out for good. François Luambo Makiadi (6 July 1938 – 12 October 1989) was as you all know a major figure in twentieth century Congolese music, and African music in general. He is widely referred to as Franco Luambo or, simply, Franco. Known for his mastery of rumba, he was nicknamed the “Sorcerer of the Guitar” for his seemingly effortlessly fluid playing. As a founder of the seminal group OK Jazz, he is counted as one of the originators of the modern Congolese sound.

    With that said, I will be posting some of his music at least two tracks a day and I will be taking requests throughout the month of October in celebration of the 20th year of his passing. I wonder what if he was still with us were and what his music could be like.

    @ Waby

    “I am one of those lurkers of many years” One Lurker down and many to go. Good job Lydia.

    Anyway, to kick things off here are a few Franco tracks and more to come and Waby “Anjela” is among them. Welcome… enjoy…..


  264. waby says:

    @ Esororo

    OMG !!! You have made my day! “Angela” takes me way back to the early nineties when Franco had a concert at kasarani it was just awesome. Those were the days…….
    I’m glad I emerged from the shadows.

    Thanks a million!!

  265. waby says:

    @ Esororo

    OMG !!! You have made my day!
    “Angela” takes me way back to the early nineties when Franco came to Nairobi it was just awesome. Those were the days…….
    I’m glad I emerged from the shadows. What’s the title of the album?

    Thanks a million!!

  266. waby says:

    @ Jaribu & Abdullah

    The “Angela” on you tube is “Pesa Position”, listen to the first song on Esororo’s list I just love it

    Thanks, much appreciation

    PS: My machine is playing up thus the double posts, my apologies

  267. gilly says:

    Time for Orch Les Noirs with stars like Samba Mapangala, Fataki Lokasa, Sammy Kasule, Madjo Maduley, Bibiley Kaba Kaba etc, singing Juma, Banda Beach and Balingi Ngai.


  268. JARIBU says:

    @ Gilly,
    “Juma” is by Les Kinois and not Les Noirs.

  269. Esororo says:

    @ Waby

    The song title is Anjela not Angela.

    The Album is Attaquent Anjela with Pepe Ndombe on Vocals, other singers are Madilu, Aime, Malage, Jocky and Franco. Guitar is Dazzy, therry and Gerry.

    The Album has two tracks on it the other is Tawaba you already have it.


  270. gilly says:


    You are right, thank you. The group was Les Kinois (abbrv for Kinshasa), not Noirs – meaning black in French

  271. Tina says:

    I love suprises, this one came as a surprise after I had already settled for the lesser quality versions of ‘paulina.’ Thanks a lot.

    That’s why I love this blog, whenever you think its all forgotten, pow! whau! from nowhere. This really means we’re truly committed and dedicated to this social circle. Bravo!

  272. Tina says:

    You may be right! I googled the group VJB on MS latest search engine, seems to confirm your finding. I saw 2parts of ‘dada asha’ by VJB at http://www.discogs.com/Victoria-Jazz-Band-Dada-Asha/…/1388564.

    I hope you don’t mind posting VJB’s version of ‘dada asha’, please do the honours, appreciate your word.

  273. JARIBU says:

    @ Arnol_79 and Tina,
    Was there another Victoria Jazz Band in East Africa apart from the one from Kenya that played Luo benga?

  274. JARIBU says:

    That ‘Dada Asha’ attributed to Victoria Jazz Band is probably a misprint.

  275. gilly says:

    Dada Ashat post No 260 above is a work of Shem Karenga with Tabora Jazz Band, based in Tabora, Tanzania, early 1970s.

    This with three other tracks, two by Dar es Salaam based Western Jazz Band ‘Vigelegele’ and ‘Roza’ and ‘Tufurahi Weekend’ by Patrick Balisidya with Afro 70 Band were re-done by Soukous stars in the song Nairobi Night (rather copied, words plus beats).

  276. Robert says:

    Hi All
    I have been off “radar” for sometime just got back yesterday, reading the current thread rejuvenated me and made me feel really back home.

    Anybody with access to Arusha Jazz Band Mama Suzie done probably around the early ’70s?

    How is our daughter doing?

  277. Tina says:

    @Jaribu & Gilly
    Though I love these groups, I’m not so familiar with the evolution of their songs (originals &remakes). Asked my father, he seems green on this one. He did say that ‘dada asha’ & ‘rosa’ were huge hits that they became a target for remake by other groups. Nonetheless, I discovered ‘Rosa’ by Western Jazz Band in our blog at the link below which may confirm Gilly’s point. Gilly could you kindly post for me the original and complete version of ‘rosa’, love the song but just got a fraction of it from the link.


  278. Arnol_79 says:

    @JARIBU and gilly

    what I mean, besides “dada asha” Tabora Jazz Band, Victory Jazz Band also has an album called “dada asha” Label RçA Victor, which is part 1 & 2.

  279. kingsam says:

    Rosa was done by Grand Kalle too. Could this be the original?

  280. Esororo says:

    @ Kingsam

    Now you got me very confused, I don’t know which Grand Kalle you talking about. Do you mean “Joseph Kabasele Tshamala”?

  281. gilly says:


    All the links on Rosa above leads to the same original Rosa by Western Jazz Band. I think this ROSA is in a better quality:

    Vigelegele by the same group: http://www.sendspace.com/file/10zwta

    Hope you and your father will also enjoy Shingo ya Upanga by Jamhuri Jazz Band ….father of the WANYIKAS: http://www.sendspace.com/file/311wqx

  282. Arnol_79 says:


    why my post have been deleted? please, I need an explanation.
    I’m not an expert in this page.
    I appreciate your answer.
    Thanks a lot.

  283. Mutunga says:

    @Ntwiga clan: Just saying hi. I’ve been reading the posts and hoping Steve would give us a new thread. Does anyone have some hot music by King Kester Emeneya of the Victioria Eleison fame? Please share!


    Steve has a very vigilant and capricious “spam guard” on his blog. Your post may have been automatically deleted for a multiplicity of technical reasons. In a word, if the “spam guard” has reason to block the post, it doesn’t hesitate. I’ve been a victim of the device a number of times. On the other hand, it simply have been a malfunction. That’s life online :)

  284. JARIBU says:

    For a very long time I was unable to post on this site until I changed computers; I assume the site used to detect something from that computer – a cookie or two, who knows?

  285. Esororo says:

    @ Arnol-79

    Check your firewall and configure it to allow ntwiga.net. I am thinking it is not allowing you to send anything that is not configure in your settings. Also Update your internet explore to the latest version or use Mozilla Firefox. Don’t take it personal, no body deleted your posts. We need your contribution.

    @ Mutunga

    Welcome back. King Kester Emeneya has some nice dance music going. He is been around from those days of Viva La Musica. I will post some soon.

    More Franco………


  286. Tina says:

    Do u mean there was a remake of ‘rosa’ by a ‘Grand Kalle’, which Grand Kalle are u talking about? Tabu Ley or Kabasele or Dr. Nico? Could u kindly clarify. The version of ‘rosa’ u posted sure sounds original.

    Thanks for the ‘rosa’ post, has a fair length and sounds great. My father likes the voice of the ‘Kinyonga’s’ on Shingo ya Upanga, he believes they were either bros or father/son tandem.

  287. Mutunga says:


    “Grand Kalle” was the popular name for Joseph Kabassele. I believe he was also given the title of “Grand Maître”, just like Franco.

    @Gilly, Esororo:

    Do you remember a song (probably called Dukuduku) with a chorus that goes like this:
    “Mara ya kwanza uliniomba tucheze
    Mziki wa kwetu siwezi kukataa
    Mara ya pili ulirudia tena ….
    Uliza kwanza, kabla ya kuanza upuuzi wako bwana weee,
    Mimi ni mke wa watu (or was it “Mimi nimesha olewa”?)
    Na mme wangu yuko hapa hapa
    Ameniruhusu kucheza mziki wakwetu ….

    The song was a Kiswahili translation of “Bina Na Ngai Na Respect” but the melody was totally different. I believe it was by Marquise Original but I’m not sure. Do you know the song, and if you’ve got it, could you kindly share?

  288. kingsam says:

    @Tina and Esororo
    Grand Kalle was Joseph Kabaselle together with his African Jazz – This is the group where Nico and Rochereau started which later was joined by Manu Dibango and Papa Noel. He is well known for ‘belching out’ Jamais Kolonga and Essous Spiritou! my favorite ones.

  289. Arnol_79 says:


    Where I find “Mbondo” – lipua lipua?

  290. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga

    I know the song I don’t think I have it. I don’t know the title either. But someone will in time.

    Mutunga, Listen to this “Sina Makossa” remake by Soukous Stars. Lokassa Ya Mbongo. Jonal is the vocalist and former TP OK Jazz Member. Shiko Mawatu as a lead guitarist he gives John Ngereza a run for his money. He used to be with Dr. Nico. I think he did a wonderful job as a lead guitarist. Let me know what you think.


    @ Kingsam

    Now we are on the same page. I don’t think Grand Kalle did “Rosa” re-make. The one you posted is by Western Jazz.

    @ Arnol-79

    Here you go.

  291. Arnol _79 says:

    @ Kingsam

    Is there an older version?

  292. Arnol _79 says:

    @ Esororo

    Sorry, the question wasn’t Kingsam, It was for Esororo.

    Is there an older version?

  293. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, what is name this track?


  294. gilly says:


    I remember the track was by International Orch Safari Sound (with a dancing style called Dukuduku), led by ‘Suprime’ Freddy Ndalla Kasheba who passed away in 2005. They called it ‘Dukuduku ni Wasi Wasi Wao’. It is true that the track is a free traslation of TP OK Jazz popular hit- Bina Nangai Na Respect. Since im back in my natural habitat, i will post it the soonest i convert it to any consumable format.


    Post 308.
    The track is Mambote (sounds very similar to Tambola na Mokili) by John Bokelo Isenge.

  295. Mutunga says:


    Asante ndugu. I knew I could count on you. I look forward to listening to that great tune.

  296. Arnol_79 says:

    @ gilly

    Please, where i find a full version.

  297. Tina says:

    To all,

    Folks! seriously I was shut out of this page for hrs yesterday, wonder if u guys have experienced the same problem. This morning was worse, nonetheless got in. Thanks for all the feedback on the real Grande KALLE, the jury’s out, and it’s Kabasele. Watched the movie ‘Lumumba’ and fell in love with his song ‘independence Cha Cha.’

  298. I chanced on this page while searching for the song Affaire Semeki by Champro King, which pitifully I have not got so far. However, I have the song Sambuluma (both 1&2) and dont know how I get you or any other oldies music fan a copy.

    Arnol_79, please bide a little while longer. I have Mbondo by Lipua Lipua. I have never tried, but if I succeed in uploading, all the potholes you have in your joy will be filled.

    I have also tirelessly searched for a song called “Nsenene (or is it Kasuku)

    Olupot Egoing

  299. kingsam says:

    Anyone out there with KADIOKA Pts 1 & 2 was it by Orch Festival du Zaire? please post I will very much appreciate. I once had part 2 but i can’t find it.

  300. JARIBU says:

    Here is Mbondo and Super Mbondo. I prefer the former.

    Lipua Lipua – Mbondo Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/5vcbmx

    Lipua Lipua – Mbondo Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/gczjgn

    Lipua Lipua – Super Mbondo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/em0t2g

  301. JARIBU says:

    @ Kingsam

    Here is Kadioka.

    Festival Du Zaire – Kadioka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/pe7gb0

  302. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Esororo and JARIBU

    Thanks very much for the versions of “Mbondo”.

  303. Robert says:


    Wanted Mangelepa’s Detshu

  304. Arnol_79 or any other of you foks out there, can please anyone help guide me on how to upload a file? I would like to share with you Mbondo by Lipua Lipua.


  305. JARIBU says:

    @Olupot Egoing,
    Mbondo has already been shared via sendspace. If you have a file you would like to share, log onto Sendspace.com. Then click on “Browse,” which will then allow you to select the source (drive) of your file. Fill-in the rest of the windows then click on “Upload file.” When the process is complete you will be given a link to your file, which you can then share with us. Hope this helps.

  306. JARIBU says:

    @ Robert.
    Here is Mangelepa’s Detschu.

    Les Mangelepa – Detschu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/akj10w

  307. Mutunga says:

    @Esororo & all Clan Ntwiga fans:

    As the cold weather sets in, we might need some hot music from KING KESTER EMENEYA to keep us warm, so let’s go:
    Esororo – Who is that versatile vocalist who takes over from Emeneya at timeline 03:31 onwards?
    Here’s another hot track:
    And another which is arguably Emeneya’s signature tune:
    If you’re a frequent visitor to Ambiance Congo, you will know the sebene from the track below:
    Last but not least, some pure rhythmical gold from the King himself:
    King Kester Emeneya’s music has deep moral messages about shunning vice and doing good. Who said there’s no life after Franco?
    Have a great weekend!

  308. Robert says:



  309. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, what is name this track?
    as I find a cleaner version?
    and complete if it is too much trouble.


    @ JARIBU and Tina

    “Dada Asha Pt 1″ – Victoria Jazz


  310. Tina says:


    Well-done on ‘dada asha.’

  311. JARIBU says:

    @ Arnol_79

    That song is the same song with a slight variation. As I speculated earlier, it is mislabelled as a Victoria Jazz song. Victoria Jazz – at least the one I know – sang in the Luo langauage and not Swahili. Not only that, their genre was/is Benga.

  312. Arnol_79 says:

    @ JARIBU

    This is the cover art


  313. mangorio says:

    hi all,

    been lurking around too but “le sodade” has pulled me in today. been quite a fan for a while…

    wonder if anyone could avail a clear version for ‘namiswi misapi’ by tpok jazz; got the one posted by ntwiga to quench the thirst but not quite yet.

    would also love to listen to ddc milimani and maquis songs – like ni wewe pekee; been long since i got the 80s vok swahili songs in my system; looking back,you realise that this music that you heard while growing up is what now defines who you are and where you come from; esp here in the diaspora. am just trying to provide the link home to the next generation now.

    thanx all.

  314. JARIBU says:

    Do you have the backside of that cover art? I conceed this one to you, but it leaves me perplexed.

  315. Esororo says:

    @ All

    The right name for ‘namiswi misapi’ post is “Boureau Des Coeurs” is Denis Bonyeme production. And he is the lead vocalist.

    Guitars: Gerry Dialungana, Papa Noel, Makosso
    Bass: Mpudi Decca aka. Flavien Makabi).
    Vocals: Ntesa Dalienst, Aimé Kiwakana, Dénis Bonyeme, Madilu

    The Lp is Chantent LE F.C. 105 De Libreville and has this tracks on it.
    came out in 1985

    FC 105
    Aimer sans amour

    @ Mutunga,

    Thank you bro. I will get to you later to night when I get home. KING KESTER EMENEYA


  316. Mutunga says:


    Thanks for pointing out the correct title for Franco’s “Bourreaux Des Cœurs”. This is French for “ladykiller” (literally: tormentor of hearts). The French title is a bit of a mouthful for English-speaking people, so if you want to buy the tape in River Road, Nairobi (where few music shop assistants can tell the difference between spoken French and Chinese), surprise, surprise, you’ll have to hum it or ask for the tape with the song called “Loulou”! I had a really wacky experience when I bought my tape (now worn-out and luckily digitised) in Nairobi back in 1988.

  317. Mutunga says:

    … Oops … I typed an “x” too many in “Bourreau Des Cœurs” (above) … My French has been dormant for far too long!

  318. Fred says:

    @ Mutunga,
    Now that you talk about River Road, Nairobi; is possible for you to get Franco’s Zaina mopaya and Lipua Lipua’s Nala(1 & 2). I would appreciate that a lot. Thanx.

  319. Mutunga says:


    Many thanks for the King Kester Emeneya treat. Some of them are new to me, especially “Beatrix”, “Masuwa Ya Bolingo”, “Noni”, “Surmenage” and “Willie Mondo”. I’ll explore them gradually.


    I’m sorry I haven’t got the tracks you mentioned. Perhaps someone with richer archives will share on this blog.
    I haven’t been to Nairobi for nearly a decade but one day that city will see me as I go down River Road, Luthuli Avenue and all those corners where good music stays hidden away. They’re pretty dangerous parts of Nairobi, but as long as you dress like a common citizen and avoid standing out in the crowd, you should be able to browse for your oldies calmly.

  320. Arnol_79 says:

    @ JARIBU

    I look

    help me with the name of the disc, Post 324.


  321. Tina says:

    Thanks for the repost of ‘dada asha’, saved it as target at work only to get home with just a kilo bite of asha.

  322. Samwiri says:

    Hello Clan,

    The blog seems to have caught a “bush fire” while I was away. It is indeed a treasure trove now. Keep up the good work everyone.


    Daughter is doing okay for now but we are watching her like hawks nowdays. Thanks for asking. Will keep you posted. I am now going to have my fix of the golden days of EA music. Thanks all for posting.


  323. JARIBU says:

    Thanks for Nala

  324. JARIBU says:

    Sorry, I am not able to identify that song. It sounds like a late sixties or early seventies with similarities to Johnny Bokelo’s songs.

  325. Fred says:

    @ Abdullah,
    Thanx a bunch. Words can not express my gratitude. Any way thanx.

  326. LeFranck says:

    Have been reading this blog several times. It makes me glad to see that I’m not alone loving Congolese music.
    I have searched high and low for the music of Vundumuna or Group Vundumuna from Kenya.
    I got just one track. Petite Nzele. (Happenin’ POLP 556). 1986.
    I love this song a lot. But it hurts that I can’t find more of them.


    Be aware that this track is made as a wmv-file. Totally wrong but nothing I can do about it. But it plays well in VLC-player.

  327. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga.

    Try this I am in a dancing mood tonight.

    King Kester from those days at Orch. Viva La Musica.

    It looks like everyone has gone asleep in here.

    Wake up and dance with me.

    Now you can go back to sleep with this

  328. Mutunga says:


    Thanks for the goodies. I’ll have a groovin’ session later on tonight.

  329. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, someone could help me identify this song.


    This in post 324, but I could not identify.


  330. Jay says:

    Looking for these goodies by TPOK/Franco; Helene, Jacky na Francois, Pont sur le Congo, mutambula mpimpa. Also by George Mwami from Kenya; Kilasiku Kariobangi. Thanks in advance. Hello to everyone.

  331. Jay says:

    Arnol, #356 sounds like our cousins from Tanzania. Try asking at a place such as EastAfricantube-but be careful because the site is known as a den of viruses and you could lose your data completely.

  332. Mutunga says:

    I’m looking for Franco’s “Helène” too. It’s all the more worth looking for because it was banned in Zaire. Could somebody with that forbidden song share?

  333. LeFranck says:

    @ Jay

    Where you got Franco – Helene & Jacky.
    What I know they never released any album with these two songs. A bootleg did come out in 1978 though.
    The sound quality is not good. It sounds like its ripped from a well used cassette. Hope that some one else have a better rip.


  334. Tina says:

    holy crap! where did u get this ‘ngonda’ from by Viva La Musica. This is truly a club mix, love it, love it, I’m taking it for a Halloween party, this sure will light up the dance floor, well done. Love the soca selection too.

    Since ur a music genious of some sorts, kindly find for me these:
    All by Titiman Flores


  335. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Jay

    in that part of that page wonder

  336. Esororo says:


    Someone must have had some holy food. Thank you for genius comment not at all, It happens that I have the music and Info. so I just share.


    @ Jay,

    Been a while bro. Here is Francois

  337. Lydia says:

    #357 Pont sur le Congo by Franco? I only know of the one by Franklin Boukaka and Cercul Jazz. Let me know if its what you’re looking for.

  338. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia & Jay,

    Franco did “Point Carre” but I can’t find it for now.

  339. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, what is name this track?

    as I find a complete version.


  340. Fred says:

    Here is the Vundumuna in # 353 converted to mp3.

  341. Lydia says:


    Check this out, here is Pont sur le Congo by Franklin Boukaka.


  342. Esororo says:

    @ Tina

    Back in July you had asked for Pablo Lubadika, here is a little history and music for you.

    The roots of the music go back to the old central African rhythms that were carried west during slavery and brought back, in new Afro-Cuban Flavours, by guitar playing sailors in the early decades on the 20th century and due to the Cuban dance records that exploded across the continent in the 1940s that influenced some of the Afro –Cuban groups guitarists like Wendo, African Jazz that set the fire, followed by African Fiesta, OK Jazz, Zaiko Langa Langa in the late 60s and 70s

    Tina to answer your question, Pablo Lubadika is a Zairian as they come.

    Pablo Lubadika Porthos is a singer, solo guitarist, bass player, composer and arranger, he made his mark with a string of Zairean bands like Kim Bantous , Lovy du Zaire lead by Vicky Longomba’s, Group Celibithou and Orch. Kara before leaving for Paris in the 1979. Here is where he joined Sam Mangwana and African All Stars for the re-re-recording of 70s classic Georgette Eckins.

    From here, Porthos joined other Congolese musicians like Pamelo Mounka, Master Mwana Congo & Assi Kapela that were being promoted by Richard Dick and his Salsa Musique Label in Paris. He released two 12″ singles by Pablo. It here in Paris that Pablo began devoting increasing amounts of time to his solo career.

    In 1984 Pablo went to Britain to play bass for Le Quatre Etoiles at their London debut and he regularly worked with the Quatre Etoiles.
    You can call Pablo a free-lancer musician. But is he a one good free-lancer with good skills learned from his baby-sitters.


  343. Tina says:

    Halleluyah! thanks a million, I had swept this request under the rag ’cause nobody seemed to know the guy. His music is very wonderful, only that for years, as you allude to, he’s lived music under the shadows of others. The music u posted attests to his talent rivalring the likes of Mangwana and Lovy. Is it true on several occasions Pablo declined to join 4 Etoilles preferring to play with Orchestre Kara and pursue a solo career ?

    Nevertheless, great job! you’ve always seemed to have an intuition of what music folks are looking for or wanted to listen to. I did enjoy turning back time this weekend courtesy of your great and unselfish posts, God Bless.

  344. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    I must have missed your Pablo Lubadika request, otherwise I would have shared some of his tunes. In my view, his best LP is Okominiokolo. and here it is.

    Pablo Lubadika – Okominiokolo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2psehr

  345. Jay says:

    @Esororo and Tina. Thank you so much for the goodies above.
    @Tina. I agree that Esororo is an elephant. His depth of music and unselfishness is admirable.
    @All. I thought that I knew music but people here are making me to study even more. It’s impressive that some of the aficionados here can even pick up individual style of guitar play, the voice or even a phrase to identify a particular tune. That is amazing. Meanwhile, I am still at the basic level of learning the name of songs. I have one gigabyte of music and I thought that this was extensive. But I can’t even begin to fathom at the size of the size of holdings the professors here posses. Thanks for being great teachers!!!! It is an invaluable experience of respect and I honor you all. Steve’s brain child.

  346. Jay says:

    @Steve. Did you ever get in touch with Garrett on post #6? Are you already hibernating in an igloo? Say something so that we may say, amen!!
    @Jaribu. Please post #371 in mp3. Can’t wait to hear it.

  347. Esororo says:

    @ Tina & Jay,

    Thank you. Just sharing, I am happy that you guys are enjoying the music.

  348. JARIBU says:

    The Okominiokolo file is a large one – an entire LP. It’s a zipped Wav file, so you will need a WinRar archiver that you can download from the site below. You need not Buy Now, but you can download it and use it for free. Each time it asks “Please Purchase WinRar License” just click ‘close’ and proceed. Good luck. Converting the entire file to MP3 will be too time consuming for me.

  349. JARIBU says:

    @ Jay,
    Here is the link I omitted in the previous post.


  350. Tina says:


    Great stuff, thanks so much for the additional Pablo collection, appreciate it. My whole family loves it.

  351. JARIBU says:

    Second to Okominiokolo in my list of Pablo’s favourite LPs is Idie, whose two songs you received from Esororo – Bolingo Oyo and Idie. Here are the other two from that LP.

    Pablo Lubadika – Mwasi Oyo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ek1v48

    Pablo Lubadika – Ngai Mapasa = http://www.sendspace.com/file/hmrjov

  352. Esororo says:

    @ All

    I finally found it. For those of you how liked Asali here is a clear copy.

    Enjoy one more time.


  353. Tina says:


    Sounds like Pablo himself plays bass on ‘Ngai Mapasa’, wonderful tune, but ‘bolingo oyo’ is my best, I tend to always replay it before going on to ‘ide’ and others. Thanks a lot.

  354. Jay says:

    @Esororo and Jaribu. I am like a kid in a candy store. This place opens my eyes everyday. The only Pablo Lubadika that I had on my list was Mado. I didn’t even know the other realm of his work. The new material adds another layer to my learning curve. Deep, dope and dimensions remains my challenge, all of you. So far sitting but I hope to crawl!!!

  355. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Jay



  356. Arnol_79 says:


    where can I buy music? in what page. musica en vinyl.


  357. Jay says:

    @Arnol. Thanks for that new addition too.

  358. JARIBU says:


    Thanks for Pablo.

  359. saminator says:

    hey ntwigans, thanx for coming back lively on our favorite site. but am still looking for pesa kuja, by vundumuna? none of you seems to be responding, like you never knew that massive hit! pse somebody lemme know. thanx a bunch.

  360. Dennis says:

    I came across a track called Nzele by Madilu system – anyone who can post the English translation of the song. I also need an English translation for a songs called Marijose and Monica by Lokasa ya Bongo. Please!

  361. Kabangi says:

    If u have any songs in lingala or swahili and reggae or bongt that u need to kno leave me a text on bobmarleyjr12 at Yahoo and u can also send it as a download or upload it to my account and i will be glad to link you up as soon as possible

    i have the most documents in lingala that i got from my mom side and reggae music from my dad side

  362. Waweru says:

    Attn: Esororo please re-post the links for the Wanyika songs – Mama Mzazi, Zaina and Zainabu. I just loved those songs and I missed them when you posted in September.

  363. Vulcero says:

    Could someone please re-upload Franco & TP OK Jazz – Helene & Jacky. 1978. (Bootlegs).rar


  364. Sachin says:

    Hi all

    I love Pablo Lubadika – I have have been scouring the web for his music. Someone posted Okominiokolo here earlier. Please can you repost so that I can download? Also I would love to get my hands on his album from 1984 with ‘Pense a moi’. Does anyone have it? Good to find this site!!


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