hey all

Got these tracks from a ntwiga.net reader and I was hoping we could get some help figuring out who performed them.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Mystery track #1

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Unknown – Salongo

Mystery track #2

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Unknown Track by Unknown Artist

This second one is sounds like it may be a cover based on an old Fundi Konde track Mazowea (that I have posted below) but I could be wrong. The instrumentation is certainly too modern for this track to be from the 70′s or 80′s (it might be me but the bass line and the rhythm guitars sound almost synthesized to me rather than the real thing) and I think that this is pulled off a pretty recent CD release from one of the coastal beach bands that have proliferated around Mombasa and Malindi to entertain tourists.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Fundi Konde – Mazowea


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  1. JARIBU says:

    Sorry, I am not able to identify that song. It sounds like a late sixties or early seventies with similarities to Johnny Bokelo’s songs.

  2. Fred says:

    @ Abdullah,
    Thanx a bunch. Words can not express my gratitude. Any way thanx.

  3. LeFranck says:

    Have been reading this blog several times. It makes me glad to see that I’m not alone loving Congolese music.
    I have searched high and low for the music of Vundumuna or Group Vundumuna from Kenya.
    I got just one track. Petite Nzele. (Happenin’ POLP 556). 1986.
    I love this song a lot. But it hurts that I can’t find more of them.


    Be aware that this track is made as a wmv-file. Totally wrong but nothing I can do about it. But it plays well in VLC-player.

  4. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga.

    Try this I am in a dancing mood tonight.

    King Kester from those days at Orch. Viva La Musica.

    It looks like everyone has gone asleep in here.

    Wake up and dance with me.

    Now you can go back to sleep with this

  5. Mutunga says:


    Thanks for the goodies. I’ll have a groovin’ session later on tonight.

  6. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, someone could help me identify this song.


    This in post 324, but I could not identify.


  7. Jay says:

    Looking for these goodies by TPOK/Franco; Helene, Jacky na Francois, Pont sur le Congo, mutambula mpimpa. Also by George Mwami from Kenya; Kilasiku Kariobangi. Thanks in advance. Hello to everyone.

  8. Jay says:

    Arnol, #356 sounds like our cousins from Tanzania. Try asking at a place such as EastAfricantube-but be careful because the site is known as a den of viruses and you could lose your data completely.

  9. Mutunga says:

    I’m looking for Franco’s “Helène” too. It’s all the more worth looking for because it was banned in Zaire. Could somebody with that forbidden song share?

  10. LeFranck says:

    @ Jay

    Where you got Franco – Helene & Jacky.
    What I know they never released any album with these two songs. A bootleg did come out in 1978 though.
    The sound quality is not good. It sounds like its ripped from a well used cassette. Hope that some one else have a better rip.


  11. Tina says:

    holy crap! where did u get this ‘ngonda’ from by Viva La Musica. This is truly a club mix, love it, love it, I’m taking it for a Halloween party, this sure will light up the dance floor, well done. Love the soca selection too.

    Since ur a music genious of some sorts, kindly find for me these:
    All by Titiman Flores


  12. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Jay

    in that part of that page wonder

  13. Esororo says:


    Someone must have had some holy food. Thank you for genius comment not at all, It happens that I have the music and Info. so I just share.


    @ Jay,

    Been a while bro. Here is Francois

  14. Lydia says:

    #357 Pont sur le Congo by Franco? I only know of the one by Franklin Boukaka and Cercul Jazz. Let me know if its what you’re looking for.

  15. Esororo says:

    @ Lydia & Jay,

    Franco did “Point Carre” but I can’t find it for now.

  16. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, what is name this track?

    as I find a complete version.


  17. Fred says:

    Here is the Vundumuna in # 353 converted to mp3.

  18. Lydia says:


    Check this out, here is Pont sur le Congo by Franklin Boukaka.


  19. Esororo says:

    @ Tina

    Back in July you had asked for Pablo Lubadika, here is a little history and music for you.

    The roots of the music go back to the old central African rhythms that were carried west during slavery and brought back, in new Afro-Cuban Flavours, by guitar playing sailors in the early decades on the 20th century and due to the Cuban dance records that exploded across the continent in the 1940s that influenced some of the Afro –Cuban groups guitarists like Wendo, African Jazz that set the fire, followed by African Fiesta, OK Jazz, Zaiko Langa Langa in the late 60s and 70s

    Tina to answer your question, Pablo Lubadika is a Zairian as they come.

    Pablo Lubadika Porthos is a singer, solo guitarist, bass player, composer and arranger, he made his mark with a string of Zairean bands like Kim Bantous , Lovy du Zaire lead by Vicky Longomba’s, Group Celibithou and Orch. Kara before leaving for Paris in the 1979. Here is where he joined Sam Mangwana and African All Stars for the re-re-recording of 70s classic Georgette Eckins.

    From here, Porthos joined other Congolese musicians like Pamelo Mounka, Master Mwana Congo & Assi Kapela that were being promoted by Richard Dick and his Salsa Musique Label in Paris. He released two 12″ singles by Pablo. It here in Paris that Pablo began devoting increasing amounts of time to his solo career.

    In 1984 Pablo went to Britain to play bass for Le Quatre Etoiles at their London debut and he regularly worked with the Quatre Etoiles.
    You can call Pablo a free-lancer musician. But is he a one good free-lancer with good skills learned from his baby-sitters.


  20. Tina says:

    Halleluyah! thanks a million, I had swept this request under the rag ’cause nobody seemed to know the guy. His music is very wonderful, only that for years, as you allude to, he’s lived music under the shadows of others. The music u posted attests to his talent rivalring the likes of Mangwana and Lovy. Is it true on several occasions Pablo declined to join 4 Etoilles preferring to play with Orchestre Kara and pursue a solo career ?

    Nevertheless, great job! you’ve always seemed to have an intuition of what music folks are looking for or wanted to listen to. I did enjoy turning back time this weekend courtesy of your great and unselfish posts, God Bless.

  21. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    I must have missed your Pablo Lubadika request, otherwise I would have shared some of his tunes. In my view, his best LP is Okominiokolo. and here it is.

    Pablo Lubadika – Okominiokolo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2psehr

  22. Jay says:

    @Esororo and Tina. Thank you so much for the goodies above.
    @Tina. I agree that Esororo is an elephant. His depth of music and unselfishness is admirable.
    @All. I thought that I knew music but people here are making me to study even more. It’s impressive that some of the aficionados here can even pick up individual style of guitar play, the voice or even a phrase to identify a particular tune. That is amazing. Meanwhile, I am still at the basic level of learning the name of songs. I have one gigabyte of music and I thought that this was extensive. But I can’t even begin to fathom at the size of the size of holdings the professors here posses. Thanks for being great teachers!!!! It is an invaluable experience of respect and I honor you all. Steve’s brain child.

  23. Jay says:

    @Steve. Did you ever get in touch with Garrett on post #6? Are you already hibernating in an igloo? Say something so that we may say, amen!!
    @Jaribu. Please post #371 in mp3. Can’t wait to hear it.

  24. Esororo says:

    @ Tina & Jay,

    Thank you. Just sharing, I am happy that you guys are enjoying the music.

  25. JARIBU says:

    The Okominiokolo file is a large one – an entire LP. It’s a zipped Wav file, so you will need a WinRar archiver that you can download from the site below. You need not Buy Now, but you can download it and use it for free. Each time it asks “Please Purchase WinRar License” just click ‘close’ and proceed. Good luck. Converting the entire file to MP3 will be too time consuming for me.

  26. JARIBU says:

    @ Jay,
    Here is the link I omitted in the previous post.


  27. Tina says:


    Great stuff, thanks so much for the additional Pablo collection, appreciate it. My whole family loves it.

  28. JARIBU says:

    Second to Okominiokolo in my list of Pablo’s favourite LPs is Idie, whose two songs you received from Esororo – Bolingo Oyo and Idie. Here are the other two from that LP.

    Pablo Lubadika – Mwasi Oyo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ek1v48

    Pablo Lubadika – Ngai Mapasa = http://www.sendspace.com/file/hmrjov

  29. Esororo says:

    @ All

    I finally found it. For those of you how liked Asali here is a clear copy.

    Enjoy one more time.


  30. Tina says:


    Sounds like Pablo himself plays bass on ‘Ngai Mapasa’, wonderful tune, but ‘bolingo oyo’ is my best, I tend to always replay it before going on to ‘ide’ and others. Thanks a lot.

  31. Jay says:

    @Esororo and Jaribu. I am like a kid in a candy store. This place opens my eyes everyday. The only Pablo Lubadika that I had on my list was Mado. I didn’t even know the other realm of his work. The new material adds another layer to my learning curve. Deep, dope and dimensions remains my challenge, all of you. So far sitting but I hope to crawl!!!

  32. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Jay



  33. Arnol_79 says:


    where can I buy music? in what page. musica en vinyl.


  34. Jay says:

    @Arnol. Thanks for that new addition too.

  35. JARIBU says:


    Thanks for Pablo.

  36. saminator says:

    hey ntwigans, thanx for coming back lively on our favorite site. but am still looking for pesa kuja, by vundumuna? none of you seems to be responding, like you never knew that massive hit! pse somebody lemme know. thanx a bunch.

  37. Dennis says:

    I came across a track called Nzele by Madilu system – anyone who can post the English translation of the song. I also need an English translation for a songs called Marijose and Monica by Lokasa ya Bongo. Please!

  38. Kabangi says:

    If u have any songs in lingala or swahili and reggae or bongt that u need to kno leave me a text on bobmarleyjr12 at Yahoo and u can also send it as a download or upload it to my account and i will be glad to link you up as soon as possible

    i have the most documents in lingala that i got from my mom side and reggae music from my dad side

  39. Waweru says:

    Attn: Esororo please re-post the links for the Wanyika songs – Mama Mzazi, Zaina and Zainabu. I just loved those songs and I missed them when you posted in September.

  40. Vulcero says:

    Could someone please re-upload Franco & TP OK Jazz – Helene & Jacky. 1978. (Bootlegs).rar


  41. Sachin says:

    Hi all

    I love Pablo Lubadika – I have have been scouring the web for his music. Someone posted Okominiokolo here earlier. Please can you repost so that I can download? Also I would love to get my hands on his album from 1984 with ‘Pense a moi’. Does anyone have it? Good to find this site!!


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