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I am really feeling my Naija peeps right now …

P-Square: Danger




Wale: Sweetie
Does anyone else recognize the old Bunny Mack track that we talked about last year?




Afrikan Boy: Naija Town

When he signs “I don’t need no visa”, that cracks me up big time!


Afrikan Boy – Lagos Town from afrikanboy on Vimeo.



Not sure when normal service will resume.

Or even if normal service will resume.

There are decisions to be made.

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  1. Egoing says:

    Hey guys, where is everybody gone to? DaVid Ochan, Steve, Jaribu, John Oloo, Humpry, Arnol_79, Emma, Fred, Robert, Swara, Jay et al.

    By the way, Emma, thank you very much for Sulia Tantine. I most times download the music in the background as I work, and only revisit when I have a few minutes of rest.

    Once more, everyone, re-open up and lets chat. Hope old age has not taken toll of our members!

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