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In the last week of October 1974, a special time if there ever was one, this was just getting to #1 in the charts in The Congo (ou, avec plus d’authenticit├ę, Za├»re).

You can pick up a copy of Tabu Ley and Afrisa International’s “Kaful Mayay” or even the entire album here on eMusic or at here at Stern’s.

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  1. David Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Death has occured of MULEMBU THAGAR TSHIBAU.
    Mulembu sang and recorded with Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua, Kamale and his own Fuka Fuka.
    His most noted composition with Lipua Lipua is “Fuga Fuga”.
    He left with Kinzunga Ricos to form Orchestre Fuka Fuka. Two of Fuka Fuka hits includes “Bitota” and “Landu”
    RIP Mulembu Thagar Tshibau.

    1. FUGA FUGA Original

    2. Fuga Fuga Version 2

    3. LANDU

    4. BITOTA

  2. Fred says:

    @ Ochan:
    Here is a better copy of Bitota: http://www.sendspace.com/file/djs1lb

  3. Fred says:

    @ Ochan:
    Are you sure the “Landu” track is by Mulembu? The style sounds OK Jazz. Cross check.

  4. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Thanks a lot for that clear BITOTA.
    That Landu is also Fuka Fuka. If you listen around the middle you hear them singing “Fuka Fuka aleli…” And of course it is Ricos Kinzunga on the solo guitar. I have about two more of their songs somewhere on my tapes and will post them.

    And Fred, see if you have a full version of SIMAKALA and post it. Mine was cut off.

    1. KABU -Zele Kabamba -Festival Du Zaire

    2. MAMI -Stazoya Estha – FDZ

    3. SIMAKALA – Nguashi Ntimbo – FDZ

    4. SHAURI YAKO – Nguashi Ntimbo – FDZ

    5. MOSELEBENDE – Nguashi Ntimbo – FDZ

  5. John Oloo says:

    @ Ochan
    Thank you so much for Bitota. While listening to it, I realized that I have an Orchestre Veve song which might be called Bitota as well. The song mentions Bitota several times. Will post it shortly. Am I correct?

  6. John Oloo says:

    @ all
    While in Nairobi recently I picked up, from Tom Mboya Street, some CDs with virtually all (more that 100) the Franco songs. Please do not ask me how much I paid for the CDs. However, it is missing one song that I have really been looking for. The lyrics go something like this

    Je m’apelle Franco sasa
    Je m’apelle moi sasa
    Oh sa sasa Oh sa sasa

    Anybody remembers the title of this song?

  7. David Ochan says:


    If I read you well, then your request for #8 is not a Franco hit, but that of SOSOLISO.
    These were former singers of VEVE. In fact they later changed the band name to TRIO MADJESI.
    The Three are
    1. Mario Butteur Matadidi Mabele Bwana Kitoko (Angola)
    2. Djeskin Loko Masengo (Congo Brazzaville)
    3. Sinatra Shaal Shakoul (Zaire)

    So the Name “MaDjeSi” come from their Christian names.

    The song you want is called BUTTEUR.

    1. BUTTEUR (Matadidi Mabele – Sosoliso)

  8. John Oloo says:

    @ Ochan:
    That is it. Thanks for the prompt resolution to this one.

  9. Edu Owino says:

    Hi All,

    This is my first post. I was looking for a song whose chorus is in Swahili but it is essentially a lingala song, it goes like

    Nataka kufa oya juu ya mapendo oya

    If one of you gurus could help me figure it out, I will be grateful.

  10. JARIBU says:

    @ Ochan,
    Thank you for Moselebende. And here is my copy of Simakala.

    Nguashi Ntimbo – Simakala = http://www.sendspace.com/file/es2glp

  11. David Ochan says:

    @ JARIBU
    Thanks for Simakala.
    I had RAMA both version 1 and 2 but I can not locate the tape so far. I hope the tape is around.

  12. David Ochan says:

    The song you are looking for is called “DILA”.
    I have it somewhere but it might take me a long time to locate it.
    If any guru can post that to you sooner then it is ok.

  13. Egoing says:

    @ ALL
    Sorry, I was looking around father’s old home, and have just visited the new home when my battery is running low. I welcome myself again. Thanks.

  14. Egoing says:

    Just some little time to run back and collect what I need most in the old homestead, and I will be back to the new home with Balances Carried Forward.

  15. Egoing says:

    @ Ochan David
    I am back from the December-January-early February clan Barasa. I have carried forward one problem for attention. I have downloaded Cherie Jamila several time, but after a few days, the music fades after some few minutes. Failed to understand it.
    Each time I bounce on an old time classic, as I play it, my whole spirit and body appears 30 years younger. Indeed why should stress related ailments like ulcers and hypertension pass even near my body when there is such music posted by loving clan members like you to enjoy and relieve stress?
    I have real played over and over and enjoyed over and over MOSELEBENDE, just like that first day I played NSENENE.

    David, how should I bring it out to you, and all the others? ASANTE SANA? APWOYO MATEK? EYALAMA? ALAKARA? WEBALE? Sometimes we sum it all as THANKS A MILLION!

    Hopefully you will not also someday announce that you are making a last posting for one (or it maybe more) years!

  16. David Ochan says:

    @ Egoing
    I am still around, which means I shall keep on posting when not pressed with work. Should I pass away, there are a couple of clan members who will inform you of my “LIWA”.
    About Cherie Jamila, I would burn it into a CD then rips the CD back in to the computer. The outcome should be permanent and perfect.
    Otherwise some Techno gurus like Fred, Mutunga, Jaribu and the Visiting Professor can give you the needed hints and tips.
    MORENO collection will come by this weekend. Otherwise the damb snow is back again with all its ailments.

  17. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan
    I did not mean “LIWA”. NAINO TE. I meant a Sabbatical Leave like that pronounced by ESORORO.
    Surely, I hope the bloody snow will not numb your fingers this weekend.

    By the way, anyone has MOPAPU KEMBILA and/or its backside? Came out around 1974.

  18. David Ochan says:

    @ All (FMT)
    Here are some collections from Moreno who sang for and recorded with many East African bands including Kabamba, Moja One, Bana Moja, Shika Shika, Super Mazembe, Les Jaca, etc,etc.
    He had the habit of giving two or more names to tunes especially when played by different bands. So if any of you know these songs by different names, please feel free to fill us in.

    1.MANENO YA DUNIA (with Coco Zigo)





  19. David Ochan says:

    @ All
    MORENO 2
    These are some of the tunes he recorded with Super Mazembe. Even when Lovy left Super Mazembe to form “Super Lovy”, Moreno recorded SALIMA with Mazembe (temporary calling themselves “Mazembe Stars”) and PITIE with Super Lovy.

    1. NDEKO (with Lovy Longomba)

    2. AUMA Original

    3. MOKANO Original

    4. MADO ZAINA (this is Lovy Longomba’s wife)

    5, SALIMA (Mazembe Stars)

    6. PITIE (Super Lovy)

  20. David Ochan says:

    @ All
    MORENO 4
    For those who missed earlier posting.

    1. NYAKO BER

    2. KANINDO

    3. NSENENE

    4. TSHIKU


    1. ZENA (Atipu Amigo – Super Kawumba of Kampala)


  21. JARIBU says:

    @ Ochan,
    Thank you very much for those Moreno tunes. I am hearing many for the first time.

  22. kabuga says:


    Do you have his greatest song – pili mswahili? or the follow up – sister pili?

  23. kabuga says:


    I can pick the unmistakable voice of Kasongo wa Kanema in this songs, what role did Moreno play? Kasongo and Madjo Maduley were both blessed with the heavy sound like Pepe Kalle’s. Both played for Super Mazembe. However this guys interchanged alot – like Moreno in virunga’s mabiala and samba in some SM projects.

  24. Waweru says:

    @ David,

    Do you have the songs he did with Kenya Blue Stars?

  25. kabuga says:


    Pls check likembe blog for shufa – kbs featuring Moreno. It was posted sometime last year.


  26. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga,

    Thanx. Will check it out right away.

  27. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga

    Have got it and enjoying it right now. Barikiwa sana.

  28. David Ochan says:

    @ Kabuga
    Moreno was – should we say- some sort of mecenary. While in Uganda he sang with all the Zaire based bands. His last video I have was when he accompanied Tshala Muana to Kampala.
    I shall keep on checking his music from my tapes and will certainy post any I find around.
    The most stable band in Nairobi was Mangelepa – my next target posting- most of whom were my friends. But even they (Mangelepa) had to bring in Coco Zigo Mike when recording LISAPO.

  29. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    Since you mentioned Mangelepa, I will have to ask you if you have the following songs. They are the only Mangelepa I do not have in my collection. Hola if there are any outside this list that you would like.

    Auto Stop
    Balani Ya Pamba
    Kijana (not the remake)
    Mulope Mobutu
    Naleli Papi
    Suki Pembe

  30. Jay says:

    @DO(David Ochan). Thanks so much for the above gems. I am forever learning new things here and it is an awesome journey. Heaven can’t be any better or I am just an abject sinner fovever blinded by lust for music. By the way most of your posts had a lot of trojans and I wonder why?

    @Esororo. Come back Bro!!. I rebuke you!!. Riswaa!!! tena ni mluyia!!! Come back now.

  31. David Ochan says:

    @ JARIBU
    What I have infront of me here is Auto Stop and Djala. Mbungu and Tshibola are hidden somewhere.
    I don’t have Kasuku and Mangelepa Kamili and a few others that I shall let you know.

  32. kabuga says:


    Wiku mundu wa nyumba?

  33. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga

    Nii nindecokeire Kenya. Riu ngoragwo Nairobi.

  34. Fred says:

    I thought English was the language used on this blog, what is that in # 35 and # 36, Gikuyu or what? I am lost. Exchange emails.

  35. Edu Owino says:


    None of the gurus has availed Dila yet, anyway, since you have quite a collection of Lipua Lipua, could you please get me the track “Mombasa”. The one that I have is not in good shape at all. Thanx

    PS. Who sang Dila?

  36. David Ochan says:

    @ Edu Owino
    Here is Mombasa

    I shall post Dila in the near future

  37. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    Will post Kasuku and Mangelepa Kamili this evening.

  38. Edu Owino says:


    Thanks a million. “Nitakufa bure” seems to be a favourite phrase of many congolese groups I have heard….especially of the soukous variety

  39. JARIBU says:

    @David Ochan

    Les Mangelepa – Mangelepa Kamili = http://www.sendspace.com/file/tjvi9h

    Les Mangelepa – Kasuku = http://www.sendspace.com/file/0bxenw

  40. kabuga says:


    It is gikuyu and was asking Waweru where he is and answered that he is in Nairobi – Kenya. FYI – you will find members of this blog retreating to their mother tongues once in a while – if you check the posts keenly. To me, english is not superior to our local languages but only serves convinience – kiswahili is even better.


    Thanks – I am in Thika and am a hopeless addict of African music.


    Kindly let me have Waweru’s email contact – if it is ok with him.

  41. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga

    I too am an addict of African music of yesteryears. I cannot seem to have enough of it. Yeah, you can have my email address. Steve can give it to you.

  42. Jay says:

    @Jaribu. Is it possible to get Mangelepa Kamili as an mp3? Thanks.

    @Fred, Kabuga and Waweru. Language is always a tool to an end. As long as it is used as above to briefly chat then it is OK in my opinion. It is a good banter and I use it once in a while. All of your points were appropriate since you didn’t get defensive about it. But for me, French would have driven me nuts because I have an irrational opinion about that language. Ha!, ha!. Life is complicated. Let the music play!!!

    @ALL. Are there any books out there to teach kids Swahili or is it just making sure to speak it at home?

    hey all

    Jay’s request is seconded, having huge issues with figuring out how to teach my boys Swahili as well. Can anyone help?

    – Steve

  43. Jay says:

    @ALL. Can we migrate to the most recent Steve opening each time? I think it keeps everyone in the same arena rather than having to go back to check everything? By the way, we need to raise an alarm that Esororo is not here. Esororo please don’t make me cry!!!!!!!!!!

  44. JARIBU says:

    Here is an MP3 copy of Mangelepa Kamili and below is also a link to a free WMA to MP3 converter.

    Les Mangelepa – Mangelepa Kamili(MP3) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/e1uyfr

    WMA to MP3 Converter – http://www.imtoo.com/wma-mp3-converter.html

  45. Egoing says:

    I have been sick since my last posting. My modem first refused to connect and eventually refused to be read by my computer. And since this blog and its clan members are inspirational to my life. KABUGA and WAWERU, I do not know how to express my love for music (and of course I mean the real one which is of yesteryears). I wish you could (and please why don’t you) believe it when I tell you that my love for it surpasses all your combined!

    I have some music I have compiled to share. As soon as I get over (if I will do so) the trouble with my Modem, we shall always share.

    @David Ochan
    Sorry for the late response. I had been reminding you constantly yo thaw your hands and send over MORENO’s compilation. And when you posted it, I am sure you may wondered why I did not respond. My Modem. It has engaged my service provider and I for very long sessions to little avail. Google and Yahoo as well can not let me read my messages, but instead send me theirs informing me that the site can not be opened, go to the older version, or HTML blah blah blah.
    Anyone else out there experienced/experiencing the same? If so, how can one get round it?

  46. JARIBU says:

    @ Engoing
    Have you recently updated your firewall software? If so, it may be the cause of some of your problems, especially the one of being unable to access sites like Yahoo. Do you use ZoneAlarm? If so, what’s your security setting on it? If it’s High try lowering it to Medium.

  47. Jay says:

    @Jaribu. Thanks for #47

  48. Egoing says:

    I have not updated my software. In fact I used it well up to Friday (26th Feb) night. We had no power on Saturday up to Monday. When I tried it on Tuesday, came this Jam:

    Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using https, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode. Learn More.

    I am sick, especially at not having to access my mailboxes even when I can see that I have mail in them!

    The name is EGOING not ENGOING, please.

  49. Edu Owino says:

    Staying with Rochereau, does anyone have the album that contains Sorozo & Ibrahim. I only have it in bits (Mbote ya Kimwanga, Sorozo & Ibrahim), the Sukaina I have is not a complete version. Unfortunately I have forgotten some of the tracks in that great album, it is one that made my childhood. Anyone who could post this great album would do me a great favour.

    By the way, who are the other musicians who were involved in this album. I only know of Dino Vangu & Kiesse Diambu, Mekanisi??

  50. Mutunga says:

    I second Edu Owino’s request. I’m particularly looking for the vinyl-rip of “Ibrahim”. The CD variety is a far cry from the real thing!

  51. Robert says:


    Have a go at this one, may answer your request
    Ibrahim(Tabu Ley):

  52. saminator says:

    banange, fellow lovers of music to remember…i’ve requested countless times for these great tracks; PAULINA (original version) and NISAIDIE by les wanyika, and SULIYA, all without response. anybody with any idea? there are also hits by congo brazzaville’s pierre moutouari like RETOUR, INGOBA and VEVE. Please help, you forward thinking people who managed to store the above sounds.

  53. David Ochan says:


    1. SULIA TANTINE – Souzy Kasseya

    2. PAULINA – Les Wanyika

  54. jke says:

    @ #45.
    Anyone found a solution to the Swahili teaching issue? Most material I have is offline / not in digital mode and else it’s just Pimsleurs mp3s.

  55. Mutunga says:


    Thanks. I think we’ve had this particular recording at Ntwiga’s. It sounds like the CD-rip. Besides, it’s ages since I played the LP itself (I’d have to go back in time to 1984/85) so I might have just forgotten how it sounded. Maybe one day I’ll clarify my doubts.

  56. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    man thanks for the SULIYA track. you made my day ’cause that was one track i always died to lay my hands on. without
    without your help i do not know where in this world i would ahve got it from. SULIYA is, for me simply the best congolese sound ever produced. the only problem i got with your posting was PAULINA (original track, i supposed) because it failed to get downloaded. but, it’s no big deal, since i got SULIYA. thanks again man.

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