In the last week of October 1974, a special time if there ever was one, this was just getting to #1 in the charts in The Congo (ou, avec plus d’authenticité, Zaïre).

You can pick up a copy of Tabu Ley and Afrisa International’s “Kaful Mayay” or even the entire album here on eMusic or at here at Stern’s.

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  1. Egoing says:

    I have not updated my software. In fact I used it well up to Friday (26th Feb) night. We had no power on Saturday up to Monday. When I tried it on Tuesday, came this Jam:

    Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using https, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode. Learn More.

    I am sick, especially at not having to access my mailboxes even when I can see that I have mail in them!

    The name is EGOING not ENGOING, please.

  2. Edu Owino says:

    Staying with Rochereau, does anyone have the album that contains Sorozo & Ibrahim. I only have it in bits (Mbote ya Kimwanga, Sorozo & Ibrahim), the Sukaina I have is not a complete version. Unfortunately I have forgotten some of the tracks in that great album, it is one that made my childhood. Anyone who could post this great album would do me a great favour.

    By the way, who are the other musicians who were involved in this album. I only know of Dino Vangu & Kiesse Diambu, Mekanisi??

  3. Mutunga says:

    I second Edu Owino’s request. I’m particularly looking for the vinyl-rip of “Ibrahim”. The CD variety is a far cry from the real thing!

  4. Robert says:


    Have a go at this one, may answer your request
    Ibrahim(Tabu Ley):

  5. saminator says:

    banange, fellow lovers of music to remember…i’ve requested countless times for these great tracks; PAULINA (original version) and NISAIDIE by les wanyika, and SULIYA, all without response. anybody with any idea? there are also hits by congo brazzaville’s pierre moutouari like RETOUR, INGOBA and VEVE. Please help, you forward thinking people who managed to store the above sounds.

  6. David Ochan says:


    1. SULIA TANTINE – Souzy Kasseya

    2. PAULINA – Les Wanyika

  7. jke says:

    @ #45.
    Anyone found a solution to the Swahili teaching issue? Most material I have is offline / not in digital mode and else it’s just Pimsleurs mp3s.

  8. Mutunga says:


    Thanks. I think we’ve had this particular recording at Ntwiga’s. It sounds like the CD-rip. Besides, it’s ages since I played the LP itself (I’d have to go back in time to 1984/85) so I might have just forgotten how it sounded. Maybe one day I’ll clarify my doubts.

  9. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    man thanks for the SULIYA track. you made my day ’cause that was one track i always died to lay my hands on. without
    without your help i do not know where in this world i would ahve got it from. SULIYA is, for me simply the best congolese sound ever produced. the only problem i got with your posting was PAULINA (original track, i supposed) because it failed to get downloaded. but, it’s no big deal, since i got SULIYA. thanks again man.

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