Just saw this comment from Mutunga and decided to make it a post.


@Lydia (and all Ntwigans who are keen on music from Eastern Kenya):

Here are some of those tracks I promised you sometime back.
Let’s start with “Kimandiko” style, those night time dances your parents never allowed you to attend. (My folks wouldn’t let me go either :) )

Mandasi 110 – Joseph Mutaiti

Munyivu Wa Mang’ea – Joseph Mutaiti

Mutaiti reigned supreme for a long time, his sweet voice and great mastery of the guitar craft combining with words of advice in his ever-loved songs. But he wouldn’t have the last word on the solo guitair. Kakai Kilonzo had his say, then came along one young man who could play the solo guitar like no one else, making it match the notes of the lead singers exactly. I’m talking of the late “Kijana Softie”, Kasyoki of Katitu Boys Band.
Here’s one track:

Kathambi – Katitu Boys Band

Right now, the art of the Kamba record is undergoing a quiet revolution …. but maybe not so quiet when you listen to Sanita Musyoki, the up-and-coming innovator whose music targets the young generation (under 30). Here’s “Kana Ka Vicky”, who would rather not be touched “Ndienda Ukwatangwa!”.

Sinuka – Sanita Musyoki

Things get hotter with Man Kathumba taking the tempo to a frenetic climax.

Kwitu Mbooni – Man Kathumba

But perhaps the most seasoned musician in Ukambani today is Bosco Mulwa. In the track below, we hear him developing “Kyamulumba”, his own version of Rumba, which he combines with the Kamba “Musolo”,without forgetting to put it in a wider pan-African context.

Wakulume – Bosco Mulwa

Gone are the days when the Kamba music scene used to be male-dominated. The gloves come off as Serah Kithendu of Kawethei Sisters takes the microphone, advising members of the public to keep off the frothy stuff.

Uki Ti Museo – Serah Kithendu and Kawethei Sisters

But after all these fast-paced tracks, you might want to hear some sisters from the west with a more relaxing style. This is the track with which I learnt to waltz.

Mississippi – Pussy Cat

Have a great weekend.

Sorry about keeping these as SendSpace links: much as I hate SendSpace as a source for files (since the links expire), I cannot post the files to the site.

- Steve

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  1. kabuga says:

    Leve Mende,

    Larivalite – http://www.sendspace.com/file/his1gd

    Mandeni later.

  2. kabuga says:

    @Levi Mende,

    Mandeni by Lokassa Ya Mbongo http://www.sendspace.com/file/z92c6n


  3. Jaribu says:

    @ Levi Mende,
    Here is the other Lokassa tune.

    Lokassa Ya Mbongo (La Rivalité) – 04 M’Banda Mongungu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/vgypfe

  4. gilly says:

    Sad News.

    Ramadhani Mtoro Ongalla aka Remmy, a veteran East African Musician expired this morning after a long fight with Hypertension at Muhimbili National Hosp in Dar.
    Remmy singing about death – Kifo hakina Huruma (Death has no mercy):


    RIP Remmy.

  5. LEVI MENDE says:

    Thank you so much Kabuga and Jaribu for those lokassa tunes, you real put a cheer on my face after my team lost heavily over the weekend.As an appreciation here is les wanyika with mohammed Tika.Usia wa baba.

  6. kabuga says:


    Thank you for this rare song. It is in my xmas playlist!

  7. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    I look for a track called “back to africa” from “boma liwanza”
    could help. thanks.

  8. Mukwasi says:

    Could someone fish for songs by Mwalimu Mbugua (I can’t remember the first name).
    There was one that went like “Tindi moja, tindi mbili, tindi tatu kazoea”

  9. James Kilai says:

    @Mukwasi: I have it somewhere…..a classic hit by Mwalimu James Mbugua. I will post it here as soon as possible….

  10. James Kilai says:

    @Mukwasi: Tindi Moja Tindi Mbili [Mwalimu James Mbugua] : http://www.sendspace.com/file/zbi9fi

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