An update on all that vinyl, while I did manage to get a turntable and stereo, it turns out that the stereo that I bought has no phono inputs. So I am trying to get a phono amp from somewhere or maybe even a USB turntable. I also am just beginning to work on the backlog of audio tapes that I have so those should start appearing on the blog shortly.

Maybe I should just take you up on your offer Musa, eh?

On, lets get going. A couple of re-posts to deal with requests and a couple of new tracks.

Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba

Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba

Off African Serenades #14. Its Abdullah/Cuban Marimba with Tanzania Twist in a repost of a track that went up a long time back. Abdullah – Cuban Marimba – Tanzania Twist

(Cover art from Doug Paterson’s site.)

Culture Musical Club

Another gem this week from Tanzania’s cultural icons, this is Jipeleleze (Examine yourself).

  Culture Music Club  Culture Music Club

Culture Music Club Culture Musical Club – Jipeleleze

Fundi Konde

Fundi Konde

A track with a message, here is Fundi Konde commemorating a disaster that killed so many. Fundi Konde – Ajali Haikingiki

Marashi ya warembo

Can anyone help with identifying this track for us: the name of it is certainly “Marashi ya Warembo” but beyond that, I’ve got nothing aside from guessing Daudi Kabaka. Marashi ya warembo

Doug’s favorite group is on the scene again. Here is Western Jazz.

Western Jazz

Once again, I steal the album art is “stolen” from none other than our Columbian friend “AfriColumbia”. Western Jazz – Bala Limerii

A couple of tracks make up the track of the week section for this week. Does anyone know who this is? 39-AudioTrack 39

Another 120bpm track to keep things mooooooving!

St. Andy – Multipills [ Drivetrains Sophisticated Funk Mix ] St. Andy – Multipills [ Drivetrains Sophisticated Funk Mix ]


You can get more of St. Andy’s music at Epitonic which is a great site to get music from if you are into this genre.

And we are done, see you in 7 days.

Finally, , if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something, please read this post.

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  1. Murithi says:

    Hi guys.

    The track is actually called “Marashi Ya River Road” by John Nzenze (who featured Daudi Kabaka in the song). The album is known as Angelike Twist.

    As for Audio Track 39 – teh file is a mere 240 kb and no sound. plz re-post the track we try and identify it.

    Have a fantastic week guys.

    The track has been updated, thanks Murithi. It is pretty short though: it is maybe a 1 minute snippet (about 1.1MB) that I pulled out from a mixed CD that you can find in its entirety in this zip file.

    Let me know if you know whom it is.

    – Steve

  2. Murithi says:


    Still cant access the file. I see “hidden” in that link so i guess we dont have the relevant permissions to access the file.

    please place the file in the Hype Machine. Its ever easier for me to download through the hype machine feed as opposed to directly from this site. Thx.

    – Murithi

    The file should be fine now: please give the link another try.

    – Steve

  3. Murithi says:

    Sorry, i meant i cannot access the zip file but i was able to download the track (or should i say preview of the track). Will listen to it and see whether i can identify it….

  4. Musa Okoth says:

    Hi Steve – my turntable offer still stands. I was very disappointed for not having ran into you at Afro-fest. Why don’t you come and visit next time you are in TO and bring all the vinyl you have with you!!!!!! then we can spend a whole weekend converting everything to mp3!!!

    Thanks for the kind offer Musa. I will probably be taking you up on it pretty soon.

    – Steve

  5. john says:

    Track 39 is “Katika” by Indiginas. see

  6. john k says:

    Track 39 is “Katika” by an artist known as Indiginas. see

    Thanks. Thinking about who performed this was driving me nuts.

    … I think that I will never udnerstand MySpace … I went to that page and left totally confused …

    – Steve

  7. Maroa says:


    Why is that all the previous song posts have been disable.



    hi Maroa,

    Tracks typically go down after having been up for 2 weeks so anything that has been on the site for more than that period of time will no longer be accessible.

    If there is a specific track that you would like for me to put up on the web again, please let me know and I will repost it.

    – Steve

  8. gilly says:

    Let me echo Maroa above by requesting activation of Expo 70 pt 1&2 by Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Morogoro jazz; the Franco of East Africa)

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  10. Cristine Stiebner says:

    I was very stuned when I was watching live music at Paris stadium, seeing an African from Tanzania playing such a beautiful lead guitar, you can not believe the way he play the guitar compare to Santana. When I ask his name he simply reply I am Rashid Hanzurun from Tanzania and I use to be with Western Jazz Band.

    Today when I saw your article then I remeber this guy

  11. Cristine Stiebner says:


    When I saw your article about Western Jazz Band, I remember the guy
    playing live music at bussy street of Paris.

    When I ask his name he simply reply I am Rashid Hanzuruni from Tanzania and I used to play with Western Jazz.

    I really enjoyed the way he played the guitar it was marvalous.

  12. dfgfdfg says:


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