I am back in business.

Thank you all for being so patient.

First off, the biggest news I have had all year – all from a comment that I fished out of my spam folder not 10 minutes ago.

Tim Clifford has set up a new website with a discography of more than 1200 Kenyan and Tanzanian 45s at kentanzavinyl.com

This is an amazing resource and you can be sure that it will become a favorite haunt of mine going forward for reference or just to find out what I should be looking for.

This is an amazing achievement Tim! Kudos.

Just one quick track super quick before before I call it a day.

This is the title track from Orchestra Kiam’s 1974 release Baya Baya that I was able to pick up this last week. Orchestra Kiam ( Orchestra Kiamuangana Matete ) did not survive the exile of their leader, Verckys Veve from Zaire by Mobutu in the early 70s. By this time though, he had already gone on to start the Editions Veve label – much to the chagrin of Franco who TP OK jazz he was still a member of – that we all love so much so maybe that was a good thing.

Strangely enough, it has proven very difficult to find good material on Orchestra Kiam in spite of the fact that they had more than 14 studio albums. This is probably due to the fact that the some of the members of Orchestra Kiam were simultaneously in other groups at the time.

Orchestra Kiam - Baya Baya

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Orchestra Kiam – Baya Baya

Finally, if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something on the site, please read this.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hey Mutunga, surely I dont know how to thank you for posting links of English translations which I had requested for. I have also seen that you posted a link for English transalation for Infidelite Mado lyrics. What a wonderful world!! May you please post links of English transalations for the following songs (at your own pace please; I know these are many songs)- Sam Mangwana – Maria Tebbo, Marijose – Lokasa ya Bongo, Afro 70 Band – Week End, Orchestra Super Mazembe- Samba and Sandoka – Jonny bokelo). I am very sorry I am being a bother now but you are the only man so far (and Steve of course) who can assist me in this area.

  2. Dennis says:


    This blog is superb. It keeps me going despite the hardships of my country, Zimbabwe and what is happening. Only music, (esp the golden oldies) reminds me of the good old days which are all gone. Jeep it up – dont give up.

    Thank you for the kind comments.

    Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people of Zimbabwe as well. We continue to keep you in our thoughts in your struggle.

    – Steve

  3. Dennis says:

    @ Steve

    Link to Orchestra Kiam – Baya Baya seems to be down.

    Sorry, I missed this comment.

    Link is now fixed.

    – Steve

  4. Mutunga says:


    You probably missed my comment last week but right now I’m packing to go on holiday. I’ll take a long break from networking but I’ll be back in September. Then I’ll continue to make a small contribution in this blog. Watch this space …

  5. Dennis says:


    I certainly missed your comment. Sorry for that. Have a wonderful holiday. We will miss your contributions to this blog to the extent that waiting for September will be a painful experience.

  6. Lydia M says:

    Steve I’m glad you’re back!

    @Steve and all
    Anyone have anything by Kenya Blue Stars? They seem to be very elusive. They probably didn’t make too many numbers but were popular in the ’80’s.

    Kenya Blue Stars was Sheila Tett, correct? (my first link to you Tim!)

    Nothing from her unfortunately.

    Can anyone help?

    – Steve

  7. Emilia says:

    I like your blog Steve!

    If you want to visit mine, Africa with style, please follow the link.


    All the best / Emilia

  8. Dennis says:


    Are you inviting Steve only to visit your blog. Whether you like it or not, I have just been to your blog. Ha ha ha a a a. Its quite nice and refreshing.

  9. ben says:

    Orchestra Kiam – Baya Baya link doesn’t work…

    Link fixed. Sorry about that.

    – Steve

  10. kabuga says:

    Lydia M,

    I am a great fun of KBS. I have sina kisomo but have no idea how to post here. Kindly advise, i avail it.

  11. Esororo says:


    Can you please listen and see if you can ID which group is this. I am not sure if the track name is correct either. Franco is just a file I saved it to.



    Go to sendspace Lite and open an account it is free, then Upload the track or tracks. After that you get the download link(s) and post it in this blog. That is it.

  12. Esororo says:


    Sorry for the link.. here we go. Track Maiso.


  13. Peter says:

    RE: Maiso

    That’s OK Jazz. It’s a track from the Attention Na Sida LP (ASM 001). The correct name is Na Poni Kaka Yo Mayi Zo.

  14. Lydia says:

    it’s great to hear someone has some KBS! I hope that Esororo’s suggestion is helpful and look forward to listening, Thanks.

  15. Here my new african blog:


    Enjoy my presents


  16. Esororo says:

    @ Peter

    Thank you for the ID of Na Poni Kaka Yo Mayi Zo. by OK Jazz.
    Do you by any chance have a complete track.
    Thanks again.

  17. kabuga says:

    For KBS fans, i have forwarded “sina kisomo” to Steve for posting.
    Will use sendspace next time.


  18. Lydia says:

    Thanks! We look forward to listening.

  19. Peter says:

    You can hear or download the complete Na Poni Kaka Yo Mayi Zo
    @ http://www.zshare.net/audio/1543288696fe4288/

  20. Peter says:

    RE: Na Poni Kaka Yo Mayi Zo.
    This is where you can hear or download the complete track:

  21. Esororo says:


    Thank you for the Na Poni Kaka Yo Mayi Zo link.

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